Story – Two man in the desert 5

Two man were walking in the desert and arguing. One guy moistening his mouth with tongue tried to prove his standpoint to the other. Surly partner smirked disdainfully: “Your story is silly!” and started to explain his thoughts. First guy interrupted him soon and everything was repeated. Both were defending their truth. Both were convinced that they are right and tried to make other guy understand that.

Before the night the disagreement built in to a conflict. Hostility was floating in the air already. Travelers started to yell at each other, they do not need such a gormless companion and they can move on alone. Both man went separate way. Cold and dark night fall over the endless desert.

First guy stepped stubbornly into darkness. After some time he heard steps behind him and he thought to himself: “I´m so strong! He still decided to come with me – Well, he would not make it alone of course!”

But at the same time, the other guy who was trying to catch up thought: “I have to go with him to keep him safe from the danger. I would feel very guilty if something happens to him. He is so weak!”


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5 thoughts on “Story – Two man in the desert

  • Tarithel

    Another good story Armin (where on earth do you get them I wonder?).

    Two things about this story come to mind:
    1) Some people tend to stick to what they think is “true” (because of their religion, their educational background, things they have learned from their parents, etc) and are not easily open to actual facts, even if the facts hit them in the face.
    2) Selfishness / Absence of the will to co-operate with others, especially if these “others” don’t share their views of religion/politics/whatever. In my opinion this plays a big part in the problems occurring in the world.

    • Armin Post author

      Don’t worry I have enough of them 🙂 And the best ones are yet to come.

      Both of your points are correct (in my eye of course and it is not the absolute truth 🙂 )

      I have a post coming up soon with the same topic so stay tuned 🙂

      • Tarithel

        Yup, staying tuned 😉

        I like your stories because they present nice little puzzles, you know, something to think about. And they often have a lesson we all can benefit from. So, I’m looking forward to more of your stories 🙂