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Caesar had only one friend who he truly trusted. It was his physician. When Caesar was sick, he took only the medicine that his doctor gave him with his own hand. Caesar got an anonymous letter one day: “Be afraid of your friend, the physician. He wants to poison you!” […]

Story “Never Doubt In A Friend”

Another ADZ Giveaway is coming 🙂 Grab the chance to get some free ADZ. Winning pool for this week will be at least 125 ADZ. There will be some little changes in this weeks giveaway, watch the video and find out. NB! Those who have won in previous giveaways, you have […]

ADZ Giveaway – Part 4 in the process

I forgot to hit the REC button in OBS (screen recording software) so there will not be a good quality video for the live session. Sorry about that 🙁 TOTAL GIVEAWAY POOL 167 ADZ As the video is poor quality I will announce the winners here. Sharing my community posts […]

ADZ Giveaway part 3 done :)

The Devil gathered imp’s council together and asked: “I´m waiting for your propositions on how to make people’s life bitter.” First imp suggested: “I´ll go and tell them that Hell does not exist.” “Not bad,” replied the Devil, “only that many people on Earth are already living like in Hell.” […]

There’s No Hurry To Anywhere

God looked down to the Earth and he was saddened the way people treated doctors. He decided he needs to raise the reputation of doctors. He descended to the Earth, took a form of a doctor and started to work in one hospital. First day started. A paralyzed man who […]

Story “Doctor like everyone else”