Some news about Sportarb 14

Scam or no scam? This is the question 😉

Before you start to scream: SCAM, SCAM, SCAM! Read the following text

Kevin Orban from Sportarb proteam

“This is last thing I am posting. So No one should keep sending Pm.
So read carefully!!!!!
I am in sportarb Since the very beginning. Had the opportunity to meet the owners and was privileged to become a senior representative.
Owners of sportarb are serious businessmen and started this adventure for the long run. Sportarb only is the beginning. They are involved other big name businesses. Own crypto Exchange and own crypto trading platforms and several online bookmaker sites. These guys know what they are doing.
We have been spoiled with Payouts fast as lightning Since day 1. A wonderful support team. They didn’t build this to take a run like many other admins of programs do.
Past week we had an explosive growth and incoming capital from Asia.
To be able to keep offering good services and financial stability sportarb is now working on Some changes and improvements that were initially to be implemented only within a couple of months.
I am a real person with a Nice wife and kids. Everyone knows who I am and what I do. I put my personal and business reputation at stake. No other senior representative is as transparent as me.
I had a very long discussion with owners last night. Had a chat from 1am till 4am.
Conclusion of this chat was:
– improvements need to be done urgently to secure the business
– Some changes have to be made.
– all representatives that Just applied to earn more money and after that started to speaking bad But kept collecting big commission Will loose their status.
– we are not the biggest team and aren’t the biggest investor group. But we are by far the most professional group of all sport arb members
– But there is one thing I keep very well in mind After my chat last night. Because of the loyalty and the help I offered them when they launched a couple months ago, I received guarantees and assurance that mine and all paid members in my downline funds will be secured at all time. So not a single person in my downline Will loose a penny.
I want them to do the necessary improvements and changes to secure the business and people’s funds then be like so many other owners run away and investors lose their money.
As soon as the improvements are done Everyone can decide if they go along with the new system or decide to start withdrawing his money.
One more thing. All persons in this group that start replying negative things Will be banned from the group immediately.
Most important is that every person’s money in this group and in my downline is secured at all time.
I know for Some people I Will be “the piece of shit” and there Will be people starting to piss on me. So be it. It doesn’t hurt me at any time.
But there also Will be guys thanking me and stand by my side because I am working 24/7 to get the best conditions for every single person in my downline.
So Please Don’t start sending Pm with things or screenshots you got from the net. We know our funds are secured. So we Just wait what the changes and improvements Will be and go on.
Thx for Reading this”

Only time can give us answers and before that there is no point of spilling labels on Sportarb. And like I said in my previous post. The outcome is out of our hands and there is no point of stressing about it. Worrying and getting upset will not change anything. Focus your energy somewhere else and you will get your answers when the time is right.

Enjoy your day!


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14 thoughts on “Some news about Sportarb

  • Jozef

    i would like to believe this, but many HYIP Monitors (not all) are saying the same: not paying, SCAM.
    If they are really updating, improving, then they should inform all the members with short announcement
    on their web site. That i call transparency. But they are not doing that. Why not?
    I have a small investment here (0,060 BTC). Every loss is loss, even if relatively small.
    Naturally – i could be wrong, but i think, here the game is over.

    • Armin Post author

      I was actually thinking the same. Ronald has said he want’s to be as transparent as possible. So why not send email or make an announcement on the site.
      But still I´m not saying anything before new week.

      • Jozef

        Agree with you completely.
        On the other hand, we both are (more or less (me)) part of ADZbuzz system.
        See the transparency there. Updates, Q&A sections, quality $ speed of communication,
        relationship, vision, efforts, predictions…
        Jens & his dev. team are doing an amazing, excellent job.
        Hats off.

        • Armin Post author

          Yes, ADZbuzz is the goldmine but it takes time to get a living with it, that is why I´m seeking the alternatives 🙂

  • Miky TX

    I have many questions without answers dudes
    Where the message come from? Is it real?
    Why Sportarb didn’t made any annoucement?
    Why they don’t reply mails and why they disable the chat?

    They are taking the same steps as the other HYIP that have scammed
    As an investor I’m so damm disappointed and frustrated ’cause I can hardly do anything to solve the issue

    • Armin Post author

      This message was from FB group “Sportarb Proteam”
      I do not know the answers to your questions and if I try to think some answers, they will just be my perspectives and do not reflect the actual truth. Better I will say nothing and wait what will happen.

      I can understand your frustration, but like I always say: “If the outcome is out of your hand, there is no point to stress about it. It does not make anything better, only worse. It just brings your mood down”.
      And if you cannot handle the pressure of failing online, then sorry, this is not for you. No matter what you want, hope or believe, life will always go on its own way. It is up to us to adapt to the situations.

      If Sportarb is gone, then it is gone, there is nothing we can do about it. Or actually we can 🙂 , we have the choice how we to react to it, this is our power, ALWAYS!
      And if Sportarb is not gone, then what a pleasant day that would be.
      Either way life will go on.

  • De Meester


    Thank You very much for this update. My name is Levi from Belgium, invited to SPORTARB by Ooms Johan. Me myself I also created a groep of > 60 members and I became also a representative. I think it is normal that investors are little bit worried about their investments when suddenly withdrawal of money is not working anymore, etc. In such circumstances it is good when their is a good communicationso I thank you once again for this important update.

    I understand that running a business like sportarb is a big responsibility with lots of work and I am greatfull that this opportunity came unto me. I am confident that the management of SPORTARB will be able to solve all the important issues.

    If any news about further developements I always like to hear the news!

    Thanks again for this important update!


    Levi De Meester

    • Miky TX

      Oh please Levi De Meester your eyes.
      You have been SCAMMED.
      Sportarb is gone, then it is gone, there is nothing we can do about it.
      Turn the page. Sportarb belongs to the past. It was just a bad move.

      • Jozef

        There is nothing to add (Miky’s statement).
        Game over.
        We must try to feed our greed somewhere else.
        The question is: Where?
        The answer (is blowing in the wind)………..?

    • Armin Post author

      I consider the SportArb as history. I have moved on with my life and would recommend others to do the same.

      If it will come back, it will and it would be our lucky day, but I´m not hoping and thinking about it anymore. I´m focusing on the future.

  • FirstDenese

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    • Armin Post author

      Hey, thanks for your concern but I am monetizing my site. I do it through ADZbuzz and ADZlink 🙂
      Notice the little small icon in the middle right 🙂