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As much as I hate to bring bad news I still have the responsibility to inform people and especially my followers. For those who were cautious, not is your time to say: “I told you so”

End of Recyclix?

I´m not up to date with Recyclix news as I have very small amount of funds there. But thanks to a friend of mine who shared some info with me and looks like Recyclix is going bye bye. Payments have been on hold for quite a while already and whole management team will be changed. You can read more about it here. You can also read the Q&A in this PDF file

I didn’t invest much in it and luckily got all my seed and some profit back from it. But I feel sorry for those who haven’t got their seed back. I hope they will compensate it like they said they will do.

What is going on with Sportarb?

First time in Sportarb history the payments are on hold for more than 24h for some cases. I do not have pending payment myself but many members have reported about it in FB group. Is this the sign that Sportarb is facing difficulties? Lets not rush into conclusions too fast.
Here is a message from support team: “The withdrawal requests are processed at business days from Monday to Friday, once per day, if you didn’t get your request yet, our team will process it within next 72 business hours at given time-frame. We are doing script and server upgrade. Be patience, your requests will be completed, once our planned maintenance will be over.
Feel free to contact us for further assistance.”

If this is true then we are just stressing ourselves without any reason.

Even if Sportarb is a Ponzi, the problem started too soon imo. They are growing with very fast pace and to run out of money that fast is little unexpected. For a Ponzi which is that well built I would have given at least 6 months before problems will start.

And if this is the case that they lack money to pay out, there is nothing we can do about it. We have to face the reality and accept the loss. But like always, I can deal with losses myself, but I feel sorry for my followers who I have brought with me. That is why I do not like to promote things which I know are ponzi or pyramid. The feeling that comes when somebody loses money because of you is pretty damn bad feeling. With Sportarb I really wished and believed I have found something which can stay for long time and I do not have to see my followers losing money there.

I still hope we are seeing problem where it actually does not exist and they really are doing script and server upgrade. And like I already said, there is nothing we can do, we just have to wait and see what future will bring us.

Worrying about the outcome on which we do not have the power to change, is pointless and it will just make us feel bad. Let’s better concentrate on the good things and use our energy there. If we do not have the power to change the outcome, we still have the full power to choose how to feel and think about it. No one can take that power away, NO ONE.

Face the challenges and get the most out of your day no matter what life throws at you. Future is ours to create!

UPDATE! Read the new post on Sportarb


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