Little update on my journey in Sportarb and Crypto Life

Everything is looking good with those 2 programs so far 🙂


Yesterday I withdrew another amount (0.0933 BTC) from Sportarb. Few more payments and I have got all my seed back from Sportarb. Woohoo 🙂

Current situation in Sportarb.

  • Total investment: $235.09
  • Withdrawn: $167.84
  • Net Balance: -$67.25
  • Active investment:  $1091

Crypto Life

Yesterday received payment from Crypto Life too. This was aleady 6th payment from that source 🙂 Usual payday is Friday but this week it was on Thursday. What can I have against that? Nothing 🙂 The amount was 0.0104 BTC, weekly profit 7%.
I’m depositing another 0.012 to Crypto Life (funds which I have received from Sportarb). Then I´m exactly half way from my goal, which is 0.05 BTC active deposit.

Current situation in Crypto Life

  • Total investment: 0.13 BTC
  • Withdrawn: 0.0663 BTC
  • Net Balance: -0.0637 BTC
  • Active investment 0.13 BTC

Bitcoin Visa Card

Just today I got my hands on my new BTC Visa card from Spectrocoin. Took less than 2 weeks to arrive which was almost two times faster than the prediction 🙂
Sportarb has a deal with Spectrocoin and everyone who orders BTC card from Spectrocoin before the end of April will receive it without any fee. The code to get a free card is “SPORTARBPLASTIC”  Order yours already today 🙂

That’s it for this post. Thanks for watching and if you like this video …. Ouch it is not a video, sorry 😉

Anyway the ride with those two programs have been amazing and I´m very happy because I found them.
Enjoy your Friday and rest of the weekend 🙂

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