Respect life and be grateful for it

In this post I want to share with you lessons that I learned by becoming sick

No matter how powerful and strong we think we are, we can lose everything in every given moment. It all can suddenly end and without any warning. Becoming too proud and believing we are invincible, life can always force us on our knees and remind that we are just mere puppets in this game that we call life.

First day of my sickness I felt pretty bad and I laid on my bed most of that day. Because of that, I had time to think about my life and the situation I´m in. It was very valuable time and I got a lot out of it and would like to share my insights with you.
Our presence here on Earth is very fragile and we have no power to choose how or when it ends.
For many life is like a race. “I have to reach that goal as fast as possible. I have to become that good in shortest amount of time. I have to achieve that dream no matter what.” Unfortunately I´m no better. I´m constantly talking that we should live in the moment and enjoy our being but still I´m forgetting it myself.
All this blogging and being active in ADZbuzz to earn as much ADZ as I can before the price shoots up it has made my life like fast pace run. I have gobbled too big piece of a pie with all those videos and writings and now it takes almost all my free time to get all those things done. I cannot even eat properly. Cooking something very fast, eating it like I was in army and then jumping back to work. And for what?

What is the end goal for all of this? To enjoy myself, to live life and be happy. But why I cannot do it now? Why I have to run like a crazy to enjoy something which is actually already here – the present moment? Because only thing what we can really enjoy is current moment, nothing else.
I keep forgetting it and this sickness brought me back to a realization: “Our life is just a tiny fraction of the infinity and if we waste it on chasing something on the future we might never have a change to enjoy it. Our life can end in an instance.”

I almost feel like a responsibility to get those things done before….. But what if I cannot get it done today, what if can get it done tomorrow or day after that or even next week. What will happen? Life will not stop, life will not end, life will still go on, life still continues on its track. So why then I run like a crazy? I have to step off from that race track and slow down my life. I need to enjoy the things which I already have. I do not have much but I may never have the change to enjoy them again.

Stop chasing things which you may never have or which you will have when you are already 50…60…70 or even 80 and you have no time or energy to enjoy those things anymore. Life is not a race, there is no winner in this.

Of course there is another problem when we completely stop doing and only enjoy the being. Nothing will get done and human race will die out eventually. There has to be a balance between those two. But that balance today, is way off and the same is with me. Getting sick helped me to remember that there is more in life than just chasing your dreams.
Thank you life for making me sick.

Be grateful for life

Another insight that I got. As I already said our presence here on Earth is very fragile and our life can end in an instance. Then why we waste it on fighting, why we keep hate and jealousy in our hearts, why we argue over things which do not matter actually? Why we wish bad to someone? And do we always have to be right, do we always have to get what we want, no matter the price?
In one moment you may hate somebody and in another moment that person may be gone already. How it would make you feel?

Life is too short to waste it on hate, anger, jealousy, greed, revenge etc. Instead fill it with love and kindness, with joy and laughter, with forgiveness and gratitude. Say “I love you” to those who you care. Spend time with people who you love. Forgive those who have hurt you and be grateful for the lessons they have given you. Come out from your shell and share the love hidden in your heart with everyone around you. If you are not doing those things today, tomorrow can be too late already.
Be grateful for those who you love, be grateful of the things you have and most of all be grateful for the life because it can end without any warning.
Thank you life for making me sick.

My experience

To end this post I want to share little experience I had today

The sickness has given me so many lessons and I feel the change in me already. I have slowed down my day a lot. I´m not jumping from one thing to another and keeping my focus on current task (not thinking what I should get done next). I feel more humble and respectful, I feel like I´m more friendly and warm towards others. I feel something inside me has shifted a little. I do not know what it is but I can feel it. And now I want to share the experience I had today.

I was walking through a park and a song which I liked was coming from a radio that I was listening. I started to think about this article and what I´m going to write in it. I was thinking how fragile our life actually is and we should be grateful for every moment we have to experience it. Then suddenly emotions flowed over me and tears came out from my eyes. They weren’t tears of sorrow or pain. I cannot describe what it was but it felt like a gratitude from the heart. Gratitude for being alive and having the change to experience it. Gratitude for the life itself. Even now, while writing it, tears are pouring out from my eyes. The feeling that I have is indescribable and I haven’t felt it before. I do not know what or why and I think it isn’t important. Important is the feeling that I´m on the right track with my journey. Yeah, I´m weird, I know 😉

Sometimes our life can be quite stressful and miserable and we start to hate it. But if we open ourselves, if we open our mind, body and all our senses to the life, we will be very surprised how amazing and beautiful life can be. We are not giving it a change, we are stuck in our minds and constantly thinking and worrying. The formula: “Happiness = reciprocal of Ego” works 100%. More we come out from our head and start living from our heart and through our senses, more beautiful and extraordinary everything seems around us.

Be grateful for being alive, be loving and humble and be fully respectful for life. You will never know when it ends.

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