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MindHad my first failure during the spiritual journey. I was at the end of third week with Wim Hof challenge when I suddenly got sick. I haven’t been sick for ages, just some stuffy nose but nothing serious. But now I´m sick: fever, sore throat and coughing like old smoker 😉
I had to make a decision today morning, will I continue with the challenge and risk getting even sicker or accept the failure and start over from next week. I chose the second option and I believe it was the right decision.

But this isn’t what I actually would like to talk about. There is something else which I want to share with you. I didn’t get sick because of Wim Hof technique. If it was because of it, I would have been sick two weeks ago when I started it. And it wasn’t my first time to take cold shower, I have taken it before this challenge too. So this cannot be the cause of my illness.

So what it is then? Why I got sick so suddenly? I have noticed that my body has become much more sensitive to my mind’s actions. Two days ago I had little argument or fight which heated up more than I would have wanted. 24h later my throat began to ache really badly and at night I got a fever and started to feel quite awful. Why they are connected? And yes, I would not have connected those two if I wouldn’t have similar situation couple of months ago.

If you have been following my blog and you know my story a little. You might know that because of some things I had to move back to my ex (kids mom) in December and things started to heat up very fast there. I got really severe stuffy nose, I used one roll of toilet paper a day to get my nose wiped and it happened two times in one month. I haven’t had so bad stuffy nose in my adult life and now it was two times in a row.
It was no coincidence. Actually there is a saying that stuffy nose means you have felt offended. Yes, I felt quite stressed living with my ex and it left its mark.

And now similar thing happened. This shows that the spiritual journey I´m on, makes my body more sensitive to the vibes and vibrations and my mind has more power over my body. If I´m negative in my head my body starts to react. In opposite to that, I have felt it for a while already, that the level of sympathy I have has increased a lot. I can even start to cry by watching cartoons 🙂

This experience has showed me that there is a reason why people “open” up at a specific time. The mind has to be strong enough to handle the pressure. If regular people, who cannot control their mind would have so sensitive body, they would never see a healthy day and they would get very, very sick.

Our mind really is powerful and I´m getting more and more evidence of it in my journey. If we are not careful enough our mind can mess up our life pretty badly. So be careful what you wish for 🙂

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