The Art of Surrendering

Yet again my Ego (mind) has played tricks on me 🙂

Couple of days ago during my morning meditation, I suddenly realized: I have been running away from life.
What a shame 😉 To tell people: „Come out from your head and live in the moment. Do not attach to the past and do not cling to the future. Only thing you have is this exact moment so embrace it and use it as well as you can. Accept life whatever it brings to you.” and not living accordingly myself.

During my meditation I realized I have been wishing myself away from bad situations. For example: My current life situation is not very good (not having my own apartment and living at my friends place) and when things have heated up a little, my first thought usually is: “I want to have my own apartment already, I wish I could move out from here fast. If I´m at my own place those kind of problems would not exist because I can be my own boss.” Thinking like that I am not accepting the reality and wishing myself away means I´m not surrendering to life.

And even if I get my own place, it does not mean I would not have problems anymore. I will, for sure but just different kind of problems. Problems will always be there no matter how good we live.

But what is the problem with wishing ourselves away? Didn’t I say in my previous post (3 stages of my personal development), that visualization has helped me a lot and by visualizing our dreamlife we will have good emotions. With positive vibration, which we get from visualization, we will attract more those circumstances which can guide us towards the life we dream.

Yes visualization is good and it gets us going, but it is completely different from those “wishing away” thoughts. Everything depends on the emotions on which we act or think. If I´m thinking: I wish I could get my apartment so I would not have “those” problems anymore” It means I´m resisting the current situation. I´m not accepting the present moment by dreaming of better life somewhere in the future.

With this resistance, I´m creating negative emotions like sadness, disappointment, anger etc. Those emotions will lower my vibration and the apartment which I want to have, will be pushed farther and farther away.

Instead of resisting those bad situations, I have to accept them as they are and not wish for something better. Especially if I do not have the power to change that situation at the moment. Plus there is a very good quote from one of my mentors: “If something makes you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant, it means there is an opportunity for you to grow”. I have to accept them as they are because they are part of my life and I cannot wish them away. I have to deal with them to the best of my abilities and maybe there is very important lesson to be learned too.

Examples like these (thinking that there is a better life ahead where I do not have to deal with those situations anymore) have been happening very often and I haven’t noticed my thought patterns till that meditation session. And I´m thankful for this realization. All those little steps will move me closer to my end goal, ultimate freedom.

So to make the story short. If you do not have the power to change the outcome of the situation, do not resist it, let it be. Resistance will just create more suffering and pain. You will always exhaust yourself when swimming against the current. Let it carry you and see where it takes you.

If you can master the art of surrendering by accepting the reality like it is, true contentment will be yours. And isn’t that what we all are looking for? To free ourselves from all the emotional suffering and live the happy and fulfilled life?

Yes. It is hard and I haven’t said it isn’t. Surrendering during mediation is easy but to do it in our daily life is whole another story.
Knowing the path is just the beginning, walking the path is where the real work starts.

Have a great & prosperous day 😀

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