How to add ADZlink to your site

Video tutorial on how to add ADZlink and ADZbuzzer to the site.
You can go straight to the part which interests you by clicking on the time

  • How to add ADZlink using WordPress plugin   1:47
  • How to add ADZlink by adding script to the code    4:26
  • How to add AdZbuzzer to the post or page   8:51
  • How to fix ADZbuzzer bug (ADZbuzzer not showing up on the post or page)   13:42

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Join ADZbuzz community (you support my doings with that and please make sure you use this link first if you are not ADZbuzz user yet, Thank you)
Install ADZbuzz uBlock for free
Download offline wallet. Some virus protections can show “red” on the file but everything is secure. See proof.

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