3rd level in Sportarb :)

It was just 6 days ago when I achieved 2nd  level in Sportarb. Now because the Bitcoin price has went up quite a bit, I have already managed to enter the third (Basic) level 😀

2 Days ago I knew my 2nd investment of 0.1 BTC will expire today and I saw I was very close to enter “Basic” level if I reinvest everything back. After some calculations I found out that I will not have enough to do it with that specific investment maturity. I was going to be short by $20 to $30. What to do? Should I invest more my own money to get to next level? Then suddenly an idea jumped into my mind. What if I turn the compounding of all my BTC investments to 0%. With those settings I will get all the earnings to my account and when my 2nd investment expires I can add all the earnings together and I might still end up entering “Basic” level.

What a brilliant idea 🙂 And today when my 2nd investment expired, I had just enough funds to enter “Basic” level. I exceeded the level with just 2 bucks 🙂 We can call it a lucky day, but I would prefer: ”It was meant to be that way!” 🙂

So my newest investment of 0.1785 BTC is now fully qualified Basic level investment. Which means I´m getting 70% from company’s profit with that investment. How cool is that 🙂

All my Basic level investments will be at 50% compounding until I´m getting my seed money back. After that I will switch to 70% compounding and will continue to grow my account.

Next stop “Advanced” level (total investment size at least $2500)

Thank you Sportarb, my referrals and my brain (or universe) 🙂

NB! The earnings are not typical and there is always a risk investing into this kind of programs. So please do not invest more than you can afford to lose and manage your funds wisely.

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