3 stages in my personal development journey 4

I have noticed a clear pattern in my spiritual journey which again shows that everything happens for a reason.

STAGE 1 Dealing with emotions.

Something very emotional happened 2 years ago that pushed me into this journey. Do deal with this emotional pain I started to learn the basic characteristics of human mind. How our thoughts will create our emotions and if we cannot control our thoughts, our life can be a living hell. Negative thoughts will create negative emotions, which however will create negative actions. And negative actions will again create more negative thoughts and the cycle will continue endlessly. If you are not interrupting this cycle, you might end up in really bad emotional state very fast.

During that period I started to understand how human psyche works and what is ego and how it runs our life. To my biggest surprise I realized that I was living under a very strong ego control and this was the most important realization in my adult life. It completely changed my perception of life and many of my friends noticed the difference in me. Because of this understanding the first stage was the most important stage and it had the biggest impact on my life quality. Control your thoughts and you can control your life. Read the post about the biggest change during this period.

STAGE 2 The reality and the acceptance of life

The topics of the videos which I started to watch (I didn’t change the topics intentionally, those videos just started to show up 🙂 ) were more about the reality and how our mind distorts it. Reality is always the same but our mind labels everything and creates all kind of problems where they actually do not exist. Absolutely every suffering what we have is a creation of our mind. We will suffer when the reality does not go as we planned. We will suffer when the reality does not reflect the illusory world we have created in our head.

The key to real happiness and fulfillment lies in a skill to accept the reality as it is. If we detach from our beliefs and hopes and learn to swim with the river of life, our life will have completely different feeling.

By coming out from the head and letting go from the fake reality created in the mind, we start to value the present moment. We start to value even the simplest and smallest things. And because of that the life will be much more pleasant and enjoyable.

For most of us, life is like a race. We have to achieve as much as possible and we are not giving ourselves permission to be happy until we get “there” But “there” does not exist, it is another illusion created by our mind. And because of that illusion people will never be happy, they haven’t “arrived” yet to enjoy the reward.

Another knowledge which I gained in this stage is that life is not as serious as our mind or ego makes it. Life is just a game and there is no point of running amok because of it. The thing what we call life is just a dream created by our Ego and “this life” will end no matter what we do to stop it. The true self is immortal which has never born and which will never die so there is no reason to get depressed when things are not going our way. Surrender to the reality and you will see that it isn’t so frightful at all. Life can be very beautiful if we stop resisting and let it carry us to where ever it wants.

STAGE 3 Law of attraction (LOA)

This is the stage where I stepped in just recently. There are just too many signs in my journey that are showing everything happens for a reason (there are many more little “coincidences” that I didn’t mention in that post but which are constantly happening in my everyday life). And because of that I started to believe in law of attraction again. Why? Within one week 3 YouTube channels which talk about law of attraction showed up in my YouTube feed. It cannot be just a coincidence 🙂

Those videos showing up on my YouTube feed had a perfect timing. Because of stage 2 I started to become numb. I knew that life is a game and there is no point in anything so I lost my interest in many things. I started to lose my emotions and the excitement for life. I wasn’t laughing anymore, I didn’t take anything seriously anymore. In other words I started to become a zombie.
When I saw somebody getting exited on some things, I thought, what’s the point, why bother, this is just an illusion and ego is getting another stimulation. I was starting to just drift through life without loving it.

I learned about LOA many years ago but I lost fate in it because it didn’t seem to work. Now I know, I wasn’t ready for that. My mind-set was completely wrong from attracting things that I wanted.

But now, when I have a totally different mind-set, LOA came back to my radar. And like I said it had a perfect timing. I needed a change, I needed some motivation to get back on track, to find the enjoyment and excitement of being alive. Law of attraction brought everything back and even more.

Despite the current situation (Few months ago I fell into one of the deepest holes of my life. I became basically homeless (living at my friends place), I have seen my kids just once and only for 15 minutes in 2.5 months, read more here, skip to the part “EDIT 06.04.2017”) I haven’t felt so alive for all my life.
Last couple of weeks I have been walking around with a big smile on my face and enjoying every moment. I feel more and more authentic and free with every day. I believe this amazing change is partly because I have started to use a visualization. Right before I fall asleep and right after I wake up, I’m visualizing my dream life (Video from where I got this idea). And this emotion carries me through the whole day.

The universe is not waiting long, I already see the benefits of LOA. Many positive things have started to happen and with those happenings I’m getting back on my feet very soon. (Posts are coming soon 🙂 )

One more thing with law of attraction. Do you believe it or not, either way it works 🙂 If you believe it, you see the proof, if you don’t believe it you won’t see any proof in your own life. Why? Because the reality always reflects back to us what we believe. I will have some topics coming up soon to explain it in more details.

But why I said those stages are showing that everything happens for a reason.

Law of attraction works only when we have positive vibration. It does not work when 10 minutes a day we are focusing on what we want and the rest of a day our emotions are all over the place. LOA requires very strong and positive mind-set and it works only when we accept our current life and by being grateful for what we already have. It is not our thoughts that create the reality, it is our emotions. When you are feeling bad, it does not help to think of a great future, your vibration just does not match with your thoughts and the dream life will never come.

That is why I see the pattern. Those previous steps were needed to get me the right mind-set so I could start creating my own dream life.
Stage one: mastering thoughts and emotions so I can be positive for most of the time and not be affected from the bad situations in life
Stage two: Accepting the reality as it is and by detaching from the illusionary world created by the mind so I won’t get disappointed if things are not going my way. Plus being grateful of what I already have and no matter what life brings to me. I have to appreciate even the bad and unpleasant situations and happenings, they are good opportunities to learn and grow. I wouldn’t be here were I am now, if I wouldn’t have faced all those challenges.
Stage three: The realization that the power to create the life I desire is fully in my hands.

With all three stages I have gained the most important tools to have an extraordinary life. Now I just have to enjoy the journey while still polishing the tools and I will have an amazing and prosperous life.

NB! Another proof that we are part of a greater game. Just few days after writing this post, this video showed up on my YouTube feed. It was exactly that I needed to solve the following paradox. At one side I have to surrender completely to the reality and life but in the other hand my mind has the power to create the reality I want. So how should I use them together? I have been able to come up with some solutions and they are very similar to the approach which is shown in the video.
Another proof that I´m on the right track and I have been guided by some greater force.

Waiting with anticipation what could next stage look like.

And like Aaron is saying in his videos: “With that being said”, have a great and amazing life and remember: Never give up on your dreams. NEVER!

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