Low value is a good value!

There is very interesting paradox attached to ADZcoin daily earnings.

We all want ADZcoin price to increase yes?
If ADZ value will increase, our investment value will increase. Plus the increasing value will attract more users and investors which again can increase the value. And that is exactly why we have joined ADZbuzz and purchased ADZcoin. But there is one little twist with it ­čśë

If you are part of ADZbuzz, you know that daily earnings have started. Everyone who is active in ADZbuzz will get rewarded. And if you own a community or you are a publishers who has added ADZlink to his/her site, you are earning even more daily ADZ.

Rewards are calculated in USD and paid out in ADZ. That means daily earnings in ADZ are directly involved with the price of ADZcoin. Lower the price, more ADZ are being awarded.
For example: If your daily earning in USD is $5 and the price of ADZ is 0.015 USD, your daily reward in ADZ would be 333 ADZ. If the price of ADZcoin is 0.05 USD, your daily reward would be 100 ADZ instead.

So which scenario is better in long run? Getting 100 ADZ today or getting 333 ADZ today? Because at the end the value will reach $1, $10, $100 anyway.

Now we face this weird paradox. In one hand we want ADZcoin price to increase but in other hand we would like to get more ADZ as a daily reward ­čśë

Would like to hear which scenario you personally prefer?

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