4 Weeks in Crypto Life

Received my 4th payment from Crypto Life which means I have been with it one month already, time really flies fast 🙂

Yet another very enjoyable journey. I like those opportunities where you invest and then you forget it. And the forgetting part is the best part 😉 At the end of every week I´m receiving a payment and first I´m surprised, where it came from, who sent me the money. Then I remember: “Ou, it is a weekly payment from Crypto Life”. What a nice feeling that is 🙂 There have been no problems with the payouts and they are coming like clockwork. 

When I achieve “Basic” level in Sportarb, I will cash out some funds and double my investment in Crypto Life.


NB! Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

My investment:

  • deposited: 0.13 BTC
  • Withdrawn: 0.0455 BTC
  • Net Balance: -0.0845 BTC

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