New level in Sportarb, woohoo :)

I joined Sportarb with 0.1 BTC 3rd of March and added another 0.1 BTC on 10th of March. My total investment was below $500 which means I had a “Beginner” level with 60% of earnings from company’s profit. As I used 100% compounding from second week, my account started to grow pretty fast. I got a lot of support from my referrals too and at the end of first month my account balance exceeded $500. With that, my newest deposit (first principal + all the earnings) is now “Starter” level and I will get 65% from companies profit with that investment 🙂

With the current growing speed I believe I can achieve to Basic level ($1000 & 70% from company’s profit) within two weeks, which is simply amazing 🙂
And yet again I have to thank my referrals who have helped me to grow my account so fast. Thank you, you are bringing my financial freedom closer with every day.

NOTE! There is still so much secrecy around the company and I do not trust it fully. So please manage your funds wisely.

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