Day 8, I have no words! 6

Just a moment ago I received my daily earnings from ADZbuzz and…… WOW I was blown away. Look at my earnings.  I´m doing what I love: blogging and sharing my experience with people and if I´m getting paid like this… there is just no better opportunity out there.

Yes the daily earning $15 (900ADZ) is not much for many but for me, it is already a life changer. And lets not forget the growing value of ADZcoin here. My total earnings 2000 ADZ are worth little less than 40 bucks at the moment. The current value of ADZcoin is 0.0175 USD.  If the value goes to only 0.10 USD, those coins are already worth 200 USD and if the price goes 1 USD per 1 ADZ, those coins are worth $2000.  With the value of 1 USD per ADZ, my today’s earnings (900 ADZ)  will be worth $900.  $900 from one day 😀 😀

Starting a blog was already a good idea, but connecting it to ADZbuzz…… Man, this has been the best choice ever 🙂 I have only one thing to say. Thank you ADZbuzz and Jens! And thank YOU all my supporters and blog readers, you are just amazing 🙂 THANK YOU!

PS The earnings are not typical and will vary.

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