First month in Sportarb 2

First month with Sportarb is in the books and it is time to give another feedback.

The journey with Sportarb has been more than just amazing. It has exceeded all my expectations. Everything has been very smooth and there haven’t been any problems so far.

Sportarb growth has also been extraordinary. When I joined it, it had only one language, now the site is in 9 different languages. A month ago they had little over 10 000 members and now there are already 30 000 members. Last week they also released android up which you can download here.

Only downside, there is still no proof of betting itself and no video testimony from the management team. At least I got a passport copy from CEO 🙂

But I´m still very happy I have joined it and here I would like to share my first month progress with Sportarb.

My first investment expired and I tried to withdraw the principal plus all the earnings.


  • Total deposit: 0.41 BTC ($470)
  • Total Withdrawal: 0.2144 BTC ($235)
  • Net Balance: -0.1956 BTC (-$235)
  • Active investments: $746
  • Account Balance: $838


As soon as I hit third level (total investment over $1000 (my current investment $746)) I´m starting to withdraw 50% of my earnings. It should happen in about two weeks 🙂


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