The BETA launch is finally here

Sorry guys, no video update this week. Too busy with other things.

We are finally there. The long, very long wait is finally over 😀 ADZbuzz revenue distribution system went live this morning which means everyone who are qualified for the earnings will get their first revenue today. How awesome is that? 😉

I have to cool you down though. Do not hope to get rich fast now because ADZbuzz is still in BETA and most income sources are not live yet. Most important, the first step is done and now it is matter of time when the ball gets rolling.

If you haven’t purchased the VIP spot yet, make sure you get at least 10%. Passive income for life 🙂

And if you are internet marketer, you just cannot refuse the lifetime traffic offer. You are getting a lifetime ad spot in ADZbuzz with just $99.

Read the full update here

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