Concentration vs Meditation

Concentration vs meditation. What is the difference and which is better for personal growth? Concentration is a way of meditation when you focus on one specific thing (feeling, sound or sight) and clear you mind this way. Concentration can be part of meditation but it does not have to be, you can meditate without concentration. And this is actually what most meditators will tell you. You have to let go of control and start to observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Let go of the need to control and relax your body and mind.
But which mediation technique is better for your growth?

I started my 100 days meditation challenge with breathing meditation (observing the breath) and body scanning (scanning the body with awareness by moving focus between different body parts). After 2.5 months I stumbled upon a technique called “Do nothing” which seemed very interesting and also very powerful according to Leo from I thought do give it a try and as it was so easy, many others in “100 Days Challenge” also started to use this technique.

The technique was very easy, you just let your mind go and start to observe your thoughts and don’t repel any of them, no matter how bad they seem. It was very pleasant to do this technique as it didn’t require any effort from my part but….. But my spiritual growth slowed down with this technique (maybe I just didn’t give it enough time to have effect on me) and I decided to go back to my previous techniques. Concentration on my breath and body parts had a better impact on my daily life because I could focus more and also keep my mind clearer. So for me concentrating on specific task had a better result than letting my mind go and observe the thoughts.

And now I got a proof that concentration is more powerful than a regular meditation. Watch this video and you know why.

The concentration which is mentioned in the video is not the same like I have used, it is more focused and sharper. You cannot let your mind wonder off even for a second. That is also why it is needed to start with very short time frame (2 minutes or even less). But if you can keep your mind on the target and you can increase the time, you will finally enter the state of “access concentration” and this is where the fun begins 🙂 This is when you start to enter to the next level of consciousness.

I´m going to implement it to my daily routine from next week. I´m planning to do it at least two times a day. Let see how long it takes me to get to access concentration 🙂

Stay tuned, I´ll keep you updated 🙂


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