30 days Water Challenge 4

Water is the most important liquid on earth. All living beings on earth need water to live. Human body contains around 60% of water and most people cannot live without water more than 3-4 days.
Water is a source of energy and the best component for human’s health. In our society the biggest reason for most diseases is a lack of clean water. Even if people have access to clean water they do not consume it enough. There is a rule, we should consume about 300 ml for every kilogram of body weight. So for example 70 kg person should consume about 2.1 liters every day.

I have had a tendency to drink too little water. Back in the days I drank just about 0.5 liters per day (not workout days), yeah I know it was stupid ;). I drank when I felt thirsty but this is already too late as body is telling it has a water deficit. Good indicator which shows do you consume enough water would be to check the color of your urine, darker yellow it is, more dehydrated you are.

Lately after reading a very interesting book I have started to drink a little more. And after I read an article where one journalist made 30 days water challenge which raised his energy levels and dissolved many health problems he had, I got an idea to do the same.

In water challenges which I have found, you have to drink 1 gallon (3.7 liters) of water every day but as I am quite light weight (little less than 70 kg), I´m sticking with 3,5 liters “only” 🙂

NOTE! Your body can process about 800 ml water per hour, so if you would like to take up this challenge yourself, do not drink more than that or you may face so called water poisoning which can have very serious results.

  • Challenge: Drink 3.5 liters of water every day (no sweetened drinks and alcohol allowed)
  • Goal: 30 days straight
  • Starting day: 27.03.2017

Challenge completed 🙂

PS Read my feedback in the comments


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4 thoughts on “30 days Water Challenge

  • Armin Post author

    First 24h have passed and I would like to share some thoughts.
    Weird things happened or should I say it is weird that some things didn’t happen 😉
    My morning started normally. But when I had my midday BJJ training at 12:00, I made a little mistake there. As I usually wake up at 7:40…7:50 in the morning and I don’t want to drink anything after 21:00, I should drink half of the water before 15:00. During my training I forgot to drink enough so at 15:00 I was behind schedule by 0,75l. To get back on track I started to speed up the drinking process. At 17:30 I had drank 2 liters in total, so I had to consume 1,5l in 3 hours (0,5l per hour) which is doable but…
    And now comes the but. I don’t know why, maybe because I added extra sea salt to my water (salt keeps water in the body), but I didn’t feel the need to go to pee more frequently and I felt my stomach getting more heavy. It was very hard to drink the needed amount because of that. And in matter of fact after 17:00, I didn’t pee for 5 hours which is very strange considering the fact I had drank almost 2 liters and visited toilet only once.
    At 21:00 I still had almost 1 liter to go because my stomach was so full but I kept drinking sip by sip and at 23:30 I finally finished my drinking 🙂 I was a afraid that I will have a terrible night where I have to go to toilet every hour. And again, it was weird, night was almost the same like my regular nights, I had to go to pee only one time more then usually.
    Next morning, to my surprise, I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm went on. Which is very, very weird because two days ago we went over to summer time (it means I woke up 1,5h before my usual time). I felt very fresh after waking up. Usually I´m still sleepy when I wake up before the clock, but not this time. Another weird phenomenon 🙂
    For infrequent peeing I´m putting the blame on salt 🙂 Today I´m not adding any extra salt to my water, let see what happens then.

  • Armin Post author

    Day 2
    Much better. I didn’t add extra salt to my water and hell got loose 😉 Morning was still regular but my afternoon…. 🙂 I had to visit toilet after every 15…20 minutes 🙂 Because of that it was much easier to get all this water in. My stomach didn’t feel so heavy.
    In the evening I still exceeded my finishing time by 30 minutes. I took the last sip 21:30 (I want to make the last water intake 21:00).
    Overall, second day was much better 🙂

  • Armin Post author

    Day 3…6
    I had to travel 570km by car and my companions had to withstand all those stops which I had to make on the road 🙂 It was quite an experience.
    Overall the 3,5 liters is not so hard to consume anymore, unless I forget to drink 😉 If it does happen, getting back on track can be little challenging.

  • Armin Post author

    3 weeks in 🙂

    It has become quite good habit already. I feel the need to drink something when I do my work. Still forgetting it though while I´m working out.
    Haven’t noticed any major change with this challenge yet. Only that I have to visit the toilet very often 😉 When I´m working with PC and sitting, I have to go after every 10…15 minutes 🙂