Wim Hof challenge 3

Cold is your warm friend!” – Whim Hof


Wim Hof technique is very powerful breathing and meditation exercise to improve your health and happiness level. You can read more about it here

I have actually tried Wim Hof method for 1,5 months already but as I didn’t follow any specific instructions and I have also
skipped some days, I had an idea to try the full 10 weeks course.
I made a pause for 10 days before starting this challenge so I could give better feedback on how I´m feeling when I start it like from the beginning. Of course, it is not the same as when I wouldn’t have tried it at all, but it is still something I believe 🙂

  • Challenge: Specific breathing exercises and cold shower every morning
  • Goal: 10 weeks straight
  • Starting day 27.03.2017 NB! Failed at the end of the third week as I got sick (haven’t been sick for ages). PS It is not because of Wim Hof technique 🙂
  • New starting day 24.04.2017
  • End Day 2.08.2017 CHALLENGE COMPLETED (sort of 🙂 ) I didn’t have the chance to take a bath or go outdoors so I made almost all my “cold shocks” in cold shower.

The First run week 1; week 2; week 3


Read the report of my 10 minutes cold shower

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