3 weeks with Sportarb

Time flies so fast. It seems like I started the journey with Sportarb just couple of days ago but it’s been already 3 weeks 🙂
The journey has been very enjoyable. I haven’t had any issues with my funds, with my account and all the payments have been paid out very fast. Live support response has been very good too. I have contacted live support 3 times in total and every time I have got a reply with less than a minute.
I´m having an email conversation with CEO Ronald Wald and I have managed to get some proof of his identity, a photo of his passport 🙂 Another good sign to company’s reliability. The best of course would be live videos and I have let them know that it would increase their reliability a lot. Ronald in
formed me that they are discussing it with a team. So let’s wait and see

My progress so far.

  • Total investment: 0.2 BTC ($234)
  • Withdrawn: 0.0683 BTC ($70.70)
  • Net Balance: -0.1317 BTC
  • Weekly return: 1. week = 10.056% ; 2. week = 10.18% ; 3. week = 9.708% (Average daily return 1.426%)
  • Account balance after 3 weeks 0,4437 BTC
  • Current ROI (account balance + withdrawals) 256% (not bad, not bad at all 🙂 )

Got you interested of joining? Note that I still do not have full trust in it (haven’t seen any betting proof). So please do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

PS Good side is. Even if it is a Ponzi, it is so well build and very fresh still, so there is a very high probability you can earn some profit with it 🙂

  • My road to financial freedom
  • How it all got started
  • Join Sportarb (I would appreciate if you double check the sponsor before signing up, thank you, Ps you can change the sponsor yourself too if something goes wrong)

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