Accepted a loss + my journey in Sportarb

After almost a year long journey with My Ad Story (MAS) I have finally decided to accept it as a loss. I started my journey in April 2016 and my deposit was $174. I have managed to withdraw $37 from it. My Ad Story is still running and I´m earning some pennies there but if I want to withdraw my funds I have to deposit 90% from the amount I want to withdraw.

I have $73 in my account and to withdraw it I have to first deposit $66. I´m not willing to risk $66 to earn $7 😉 So I have decided to step out from MAS and move on without it.
This loss has moved my overall balance with revhsares into minus. I´m now $90 in minus with all the past revshares.

To balance things out a little. I have taken out some funds from Sportarb and purchased more ADZ with those funds. The price of ADZ has gone so low lately ($0.017) and it would be shame not to purchase more 🙂

Sportarb looks actually a very good choice. The site is now in 8 different languages and they have many great plans how to expand the company. Plus the CEO Ronald Wald said in our conversation, they are planning to share some info which will increase their trustworthiness. I haven’t been able to convince him to shoot a video on himself (I´m not giving up on that part 😉 ) but I have managed to push things so far that he sent the picture of his passport to me 🙂

My current situation with Sportarb.

  • Total investment 0.2 BTC ($234)
  • Withdrawn 0.0683 BTC ($70.70)
  • Net Balance $163.30
  • Account balance after 18 days 0,4236 BTC
  • Current ROI (account balance + withdrawals) 245,95%

I´m just 15% away from the Starter level 🙂 After that all my future investments will return 65% instead of 60%.

NB! This type of earning is not typical. Those funds also include referral commissions. I would like to thank all my referrals who have contributed to the growth of my account.

PS I will be making a separate Sportarb page on my blog very soon, stay tuned for more info.

  • My road to financial freedom
  • Join Sportarb (I would appreciate if you double check the sponsor before signing up, thank you, Ps you can change the sponsor yourself too if something goes wrong)

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