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Found another very interesting company.

The company is dealing with arbitrage betting. Shortly, arbitrage betting is when two different bookmakers are giving different odds to the same event. By betting on opposite outcomes on two different bookmakers, investors are making small profit no matter of the outcome. It is so called “safe betting”. Betting this way is totally legal and people have done it for quite long time already.

I learned about sport arbitrage many years ago but couldn’t really start to experiment with it because I found it needed quite a big budget to do it by myself and my funds were just not enough. It also needs a lot of research to find the right bets so I postponed this money making alternative. But now I have found a company which does all the work (they take 10% to 40% of the profit to themselves for that) and this money making alternative has emerged back to my radar 🙂

The company which I joined is Sportarb. It has been founded on 31th of August 2016 but started its online business on 29th of January 2017. It is very new and there is not much information found on the web yet. If it really is what it claims to be, it is one of the safest ways to invest. But like I said there is not much info out there. I have read different reviews and have been following some forums but cannot find much information about the team itself. I have contacted the support and I´m trying to get more info about the company. Best option would be if they agree to have skype interview with me. Will update if I have new information.

However the security of the website is top notch and the buildup is also very professional. Live chat has been very responsive and the site is already in 7 different languages. Those are very good signs, but with every investment there is a risk involved. So never invest more than you can afford to lose.

PS Minimum investment is only $25 🙂

I started with 0,1 BTC last Friday. I have made two withdrawals and I have received the funds very fast. First was 3 minutes and second was 15 minutes 🙂
First weeks return was 10.056%. Companies profit was 16.76% (I have the cheapest package so my earning is just 60% from that).

Today I doubled my investment by depositing another 0.1 BTC after I saw they have added  7 different languages. Looks like they are not joking around and they mean real business. I have also changed my portfolio to 100% compounding mode 🙂

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