Last stages of the ADZbuzz launch + my new YouTube channel 2

We are getting closer and closer to the launch of ADZbuzz and people are getting excited.

Read the latest update from Jens.

The project has been in development for 15 months already and the long wait will soon be over. ADZbuzz is finally getting ready to be released to the public, the community is buzzing and the excitement is felt in the air.
Although I have to cool down you a little 😉 Why? Because people have too high hopes for the launch and they can feel disappointed when everything is not going according to their plans.

So what to wait from the launch.
First, let’s not forget that this is a long term project, not some get rich scheme and the success will come slowly.
I´ll give you my perspective which might happen when the timer runs to an end.

The price of ADZ can even decrease first. Why? People’s minds are very tricky and will get restless and disappointed very fast. The following is a comment I wrote on ADZbuzz Lounge

One tricky phenomenon with human mind, it tends to filter things according to its needs. For example: (NB! This is a made up example) In an update it is written, “We introduce the ADZlink to publishers on 25.02. Once publishers start to add ADZlink to their sites, the ADZBuzz Savers will go viral and ADZ value will start to increase. It takes time though to get the ADZBuzz Savers in front of millions of people.

Now, the person who is reading the update, might pick up the following details: 25.02, viral, increase of the value, millions of people. And the update message would be “On 25.02 ADZbuzz goes viral and reaches millions of people which will increase the value of ADZ tremendously”

In reality nothing actually happens in 25.02 as on that day the ADZlink is only introduced to publishers. It takes little time before they add it to their site (they want to know more about ADZbuzz before they do so). It also takes time for readers to notice the ADZlink on the publisher’s site before they visit ADZbuzz Savers. Plus it takes time for consumers to purchase something on the ADZbuzz Savers. So in reality it can take few weeks before ADZbuzz Savers starts to create revenue and the revenue will increase with small steps not like $10 000 in first day

The person who has read the update will start to doubt when the 25.02 will arrive as he sees no change in ADZ value in couple of days. Then the mind gets restless and he becomes scared: “Did I make a right choice to purchase ADZ. The price did not increase as they PROMISED (side note: nobody promised anything 😉 ), maybe I should sell my coins before everyone else is selling and I lose all the profits or even worse, I will lose most of my initial deposit” The mind goes on and on he will panic and sell his coins, which again makes others panic as they see the price drop instead of the rise which was PROMISED to them.

This all started because they filtered the update and they wanted to see the results immediately. Fear will paralyze our strategic thinking and we act on emotions.

Be aware of the tricks of your mind.

And that scenario can easily happen after the timer runs out. So please be ready to that. But of course I can be wrong and we see a huge rally in ADZcoin price chart. If that would be the case, I and all ADZbuzzers would be very happy 🙂

If the ADZbuzz would only stick with the plan to get the revenue from ADZbuzz Savers it can take quite a while before the revenue from ADZbuzz Savers can affects the price of ADZ.
That is why the traffic offer has been brought back Traffic offer and the training courses which were introduced in previous updates, will make sure ADZbuzz will earn revenue even when ADZbuzz Savers hasn’t started rolling yet. Those products are a crucial part at the beginning as they have an immediate effect on ADZ value when somebody purchases any of those products.

In case the price drops, it will not do so very long and the demand will eventually kick in (Revenue from the products will be used to purchase ADZ from the market) and the price of ADZ will start to increase constantly. And when it does so, it gets the ball rolling 🙂 People will see that the ADZbuzz really has the impact on the ADZcoin’s value and will start to purchase ADZ. The constant increase of the value will attract more investors which again help increasing the price.
But please do not get too excited, it might not happen as fast as you would like, just be patient and your long wait shall be rewarded generously.

Testing the indirect donation wallet.
In the latest update there was also a link to an indirect donation wallet (unspendable ADZ wallet). I thought to give it a test drive and sent 1 ADZ to that address. The transaction was added to the chart immediately after my payment was approved by the block chain.
If you don’t know what purpose this wallet has, I will give a short explanation. This feature is the key to rise the ADZcoin’s price to the sky. 50% of all the revenue ADZbuzz uses to purchase ADZcoins will be sent to that wallet. And as no one has an access to that wallet, no one can ever use those coins again. That means every time ADZbuzz purchases ADZcoin from the market, it will decrease the supply of total ADZ in circulation. Smaller supply with a constant demand will push the price of ADZcoin very, very high.

New YouTube channel.
I have created only ADZ related YouTube channel. The channel is very fresh and does not have a lot of content yet but my plans are very big with it.
For example, here is the list of tutorial videos which I´m planning to shoot.

  • How to sign up
  • Where to report when having problems
  • Finding your referral link
  • Finding your referrals
  • Where is your ADZbuzz Wallet
  • Buzz power coins
  • Where to find your VIP percentage
  • How to buy Bitcoin
  • How to send Bitcoin to an  exchange
  • how to purchase ADZ
  • Where to store your ADZ
  • How to send ADZ to your ADZbuzz wallet
  • How to install offline wallet
  • How to send ADZ to offline wallet
  • How to send ADZ in from offline wallet
  • How to backup offline wallet

I will be shooting separate tutorials for smartphone users if the process is different from PC users.

If you have had problems with certain things, please let me know because someone else can have the same issue and it would be good to have a tutorial on that topic.

NB! Please support my channel by liking and subscribing. This way the channel gets more attention and will be placed higher in search results. More eyeballs for ADZ related content will help ADZbuzz community grow.

Big Thank You in advance 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Last stages of the ADZbuzz launch + my new YouTube channel

  • Miles

    Nice post.

    I agree with your outlook that people should not expect too much growth wise after the launch, because it would take time for everything to kick in. Personally I have put a time-frame to the end of this year for ADZcoin to reach $1. If it happens before then and it very well could then that would be great. But one thing is for certain this year is going to be an interesting year for ADZcoin with a lot of major developments being completed, so from the moment we launch the game can really begin. Until today it has all been about brainstorming and developments, but now that era is nearly over and it is going to be about growing and boosting demand. Very exciting times for the ADZbuzz project that is for sure 🙂

    • Armin Post author

      Thanks 🙂

      Yeah, that’s why I wrote this post. People think that after the launch the price will immediately go to the sky. But it needs time to get the ball rolling and people need to be patient and not sell their coins after they do not see the expected price growth. The reward at the end will be worth the long wait 😀