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We cannot predict the future but we can create it!

This is a follow up to the question on my Facebook wall „What is the best investment in February 2017?“

I got many answers but most of them where not the answers what I was waiting for. I used the specific month (February) with a specific reason and I will get to that soon. But first, people need to understand what is investment.

Text from Investopedia
„An investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or will appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will be sold at a higher price for a profit.“

In my eye the main key point of investment is, it should be passive. My initial deposit or investment should increase without any effort from my side. Which means no revshare, matrix, MLM, Binary or any other BS 🙂 Do not take it personally 😉 Everyone likes their own thing.

So what is the best investment in February 2017? And please note that February is the key here.

What are the requirements for a great investment? (Those are my requirements and do not reflect others opinions)

  1. It should be passive
  2. It should be stable and long term
  3. It should be something which has big growth potential
  4. It should be something which pays off even with low budget

And the opportunity which I want to talk about has all the requirements filled.

  1. It is completely passive. You just invest and watch your investment grow without any further action from your part.
  2. It is stable and long term. There is a great team of light minded people behind the company and who are constantly improving the system. They are doing everything in their power to make the company succeed. The company has a potential to revolutionize the way we surf the web.
  3. It has a huge growth potential. You can multiply your investment by thousands of times if you take action now
  4. It pays off with almost every budget. Because of the huge growth, even the “small players” can get the financial freedom

What is this amazing opportunity and why it is the best investment in February 2017.

Why it is the best?

  1. Growth potential – Like I already stated the growth potential is out of the roof. Show me another investment or opportunity which can easily give you 1000% ROI in first month (without recruiting). YES you can multiple your investment 10 times in first month.

Did I get your attention already?

Yes it seems unreal and smells like another scheme from which you should stay far away. But before you throw it to the side, make yourself a favor and keep reading. You will see how this kind of growth is possible and why it is very likely to happen.
The investment asset I´m talking about is a crypto currency and is called ADZcoin. (Read this if you don’t know what crypto currency is) At the moment of writing this article the price for 1 ADZcoin is 0,05 USD (5 cents). If the price of coin reaches just 0,50 USD (50 cents) your investment has given 1000% ROI. The potential for ADZcoin is much, much higher though. Keep reading and you will find out why.

2. The infrastructure (ADZbuzz) behind the ADZcoin is making sure that the demand for the coin will grow tremendously, so does the price (supply and demand relationship). There is no limit how high the price can go and that is also why it is a stable and long term investment. Longer you hold your coins, higher the return.

3. The system launches at the end of February 2017. That is why the February is important. The price of the coin has already started to increase and it is doing so quite fast. Just one week ago it was lower than 0,02 USD. As the price now is 0,05 USD, the growth has been 150% (price has increased 2,5 times) in just one week alone.

[powr-countdown-timer id=8c495727_1482481086084]

When the system launches, the price will never be so low again. It will go to $1 very fast and it can do so even within a month (that’s why I said 1000% ROI in first month). I would never want to miss the opportunity like that and I hope you would not want either 🙂

4. You do not need a big budget to get huge boost to your financial situation. As the growth potential is enormous (1000 times and higher), you can start with just $100 for example.
If the price goes to $1, you would already have $2000. If it goes to $10, you would have $20 000 and so on and so on. After you have gained enough funds, you can spread them into other opportunities (which need little higher starting fee) and grow your funds even faster.

Why it succeeds?

This is actually the main question. Everything that I’ve previously said is hypothetical and they are just numbers which you may see if ADZbuzz and ADZcoin will succeed. So let me elaborate why I think ADZcoin will be the next thing and why it can go even higher than Bitcoin (current value around $1000).

At first, to tell you why it succeeds, I need to introduce you few key features ADZbuzz has

  1. ADZbuzz Savers – ADZbuzz Savers is a comparison shopping search engine website owned by ADZbuzz Ltd. It would help consumers save money when shopping online and making a purchasing decision. The goal is to make this the number one platform that millions of shoppers across the globe online visit before making any purchase.

Like other comparison shopping search engine platforms, ADZbuzz Savers would generate revenue each time a potential customer clicks on a product and is re-directed to the merchant’s website to make the purchase. This is similar to how all the major comparison shopping sites generate millions of dollars each month through pay-per-click commission. ADZbuzz Savers would also earn revenue through affiliate commission as well as premium ad placements, which would give merchants more exposure and clicks – similar to how Google displays premium ads on top of search engine results. And there are even more ways too for ADZbuzz Savers to generate revenue.

2. ADZlink – The ADZlink is a little non-intrusive icon as shown in the picture above (bottom right corner) that can be added to publishers websites for free in order to monetize all their traffic with the income coming from the centralized advertising platform – ADZbuzz Savers.

ADZlink is another way for publishers to monetize their website alongside the conventional ad-revenue system that most publishers use to generate an income stream. A good thing about ADZlink that will benefit publishers is that it also monetizes traffic coming from ad-block users too, which the conventional ad-revenue system fails to do. Publishers will not have to worry about not earning from any of their traffic ever again once they have added the free ADZlink to their site. Watch this short video on ADZlink

  1. ADZbuzz affiliate program – Like with every other affiliate program, ADZbuzz too is rewarding its affiliates when they bring new members to the ADZbuzz. Everyone who joins via your referral link will be locked as your referral for life.

NB! Text for two first points has been borrowed from ADZ4Life blog. Read the original post

What those three features have to do with the success of ADZbuzz and what affect they have on the growth of ADZcoin?
They are actually the key factors in increasing the price of ADZcoin and making sure that ADZbuzz goes viral.

ADZbuzz Savers revenue will be used to purchase ADZcoins from the open market every day. Those coins will be distributed between web publishers and affiliates. That way ADZbuzz project itself gives the constant demand for ADZcoin by buying the coins from the market every day. And if the demand is higher than supply, the value of the asset will increase.
There are many other ways how ADZbuzz project makes even more profit. And the biggest influence on the price of ADZcoin might be the training program with its tools and teachings. The program will show how to get the most out of ADZbuzz or any other online business by creating your own blog and teaching how to make money with it. There are two different packages but I will not talk about them here. The revenue created from those products will again be spent to purchase ADZcoins from the open market. Those packages have an affiliate program attached to them, which helps to sell those products and which gives another great boost to ADZcoin price.

However the previously mentioned features will not help the ADZbuzz go viral. That’s where  the ADZlink comes into play. ADZlink will be added to millions of websites. There is just no reason why web publishers should not install it as it gives them an additional revenue. Plus they can participate in affiliate program which grows their income even higher. Those two features (ADZlink monetization & affiliate program) are the key for ADZbuzz project to go viral.

1000 bloggers will be invited to beta test the ADZlink (should be ready 2nd week of February). This is enough to get the ball rolling and when it does, the system itself makes the ADZbuzz explode. Web publishers want to make sure they get the ADZbuzz brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible as their revenue depends on it. This in turn increases the traffic to ADZbuzz Savers which increases the revenue of ADZbuzz. Bigger revenue in turn means higher value for the coin as ADZbuzz project purchases new coins with created revenue. Increasing value will attract more and more people in to the system. This again increases the traffic of ADZbuzz Savers. And the cycle will continue endlessly 🙂

Plus lets not forget that ADZbuzz affiliate program will also attracts many network marketers which again help the grow the ADZbuzz’s membership base.

Is this all enough for ADZcoin to catch bitcoin though? Probably. But let me give you the Joker of the ADZbuzz system. Indirect Donation! What is it? As I already said, the revenue ADZbuzz project makes from all his products and services will be used to purchase ADZcoins from the open market. 50% of the revenue will be distributed between affiliates and web publishers but 50% of the revenue will be used as an indirect donation by sending it to “locked” ADZcoin wallet. Nobody will see or use those coins again, they are gone forever. And this my dear blog readers will play a huge factor in skyrocketing the price of ADZcoin. Why?

As we know the value depends on supply and demand. Smaller the supply and bigger the demand, higher the price of the asset. ADZcoin supply is limited as there will be 84 million coins in total. We will not even see this number in our lifetime as the mining difficulty is increasing over time and less coins will be mined every year because of that. Currently there are 52 million coins available.

Constantly increasing membership base and continuous rewarding of affiliates and web publishers will already be enough to increase the demand so ADZcoin value can rise. But if we add here even the decreasing supply (50% of all the ADZcoins purchased with the ADZbuzz profits will be locked forever) we can only imagine what will happen to the price of the ADZcoin 🙂 Every time ADZbuzz makes revenue, it will decrease the amount of coins available. Constantly decreasing supply with bigger and bigger demand will make sure that ADZcoin will eventually catch and overtake bitcoin. Yes bold statement, I know 🙂 But considering all the facts and info we have, the probability it to happen is very high.


There is no other opportunity which can give so huge boost to your financial situation with such a high probability and with in such a short time frame. And as the launch is at the doorsteps, there is no better time to invest in ADZcoin. The price at the moment of writing this article is just 0,05 USD. If the price goes up to $1 you have multiplied your investment 20 times already ($100 -> $2000; $1000 -> $20 000). You can download this simple calculator if math is not your best friend 🙂

Once the ball has started rolling the price will never be so low. Let me give you just a simple math. If somebody (ADZbuzz) would purchase ADZ with $10 000 from Yobit and Livecoin, the price would shoot up to $0,14 per ADZ immediately (this is easily calculated by monitoring the sell orders in exchanges). Of course it will not stay there because many people will jump in and sell their coins but it gives an idea what happens if ADZbuzz will buy coins every day. Plus if the price shows a constant trend, it will attract investors to whom the $10 000 investment is a piece of cake. This again will shoot the price up.
Actually when we look at the price charts, we see that the ball has started rolling already. Click on the pics to see larger images.

On weekly chart we can see the rally which increased the price from 2.5 cents to over 5 cents in 24h. The volume (how many USD has been used to trade ADZ in 24h time frame) has increased 4 times. Volume is actually a better indicator to see if the coin has gained peoples attention




On monthly chart we can see  the volume growth and price rally even better. The price has been in uptrend for a whole month but the volume has shot up in last week.



On 3 months chart we see the price peak in December. This was the result of the update which was made public at the beginning of December and which showed the roadmap for ADZbuzz project. The update got attention of many and made the price shoot up from 1.3 cents to 3.5 cents. As there were more sellers than buyers, the price was brought back done. But we can see that the daily volume increased in December and stayed at that level till February rally.


By looking at the charts I believe the price will not drop down anymore. At least not to the same level as it was few weeks ago. Of course I can be wrong but the probability it to happen is low. So my recommendation would be: “Jump in before the price goes even higher. Do not wait when the price is already 10 cents or even 1 buck. It makes hell of a difference if you get 10 000 ADZ with $500 or just 1000 or even 500 ADZ with $500.

That is why the timing is very crucial here. And that is why ADZcoin is the best investment in February 2017. You can join all other opportunities anytime you want but you will never have the same chance like with ADZcoin.

NB! Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

 We cannot predict the future but we can create it 🙂

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