New concept which skyrockets the value of ADZcoin

Most do not understand the wonderful opportunities life gives… until they are looking back – Eric Handler

This is crazy 🙂 The master brain behind ADZbuzz has introduced another feature which will definitely shoot the price of ADZ in to the sky.

What is this amazing idea? Continue reading and I will reveal it below 🙂

New ways how ADZbuzz network will get revenue with ADZbuzz Savers

  • Affiliate commission – In addition to pay per click earning in ADZbuzz Savers (Big shops are paying ADZbuzz for every click they receive through ADZbuzz Savers), ADZbuzz will upload product feed of thousands of stores that reward affiliates (including big ones like Walmart and Bestbuy for example). Every time someone visits the shop through ADZbuzz Savers link and purchases a product, ADZbuzz Project will get commission from the shops affiliate program. This works the same like ClickBank which is very famous among affiliate marketers.
    This new idea is very welcome IMHO because ADZbuzz is not dependent on the shops which have to upload the product list themselves and who should pay ADZbuzz project in advance with pay per click basis. Shops will get trial period before joining but still they need to pay for the clicks and not for the product purchase.
  • Premium ad placements – All shops on ADZbuzz Savers will be able to highlight their products using premium placements. This is essentially the same as bidding for keywords in Google and having your ad displayed on top of the search results where it gets more clicks. These premium spots are also paid directly to the ADZbuzz Project.
  • ADZcoin Savers Extension – Already existing ADZcoin Savers Extension will be updated and connected to ADZbuzz Savers platform so it will show the products from new centralized shopping platform. The core feature will work exactly the same as the Igive button. Igive button for example has 1700 shops and 24K users and it is constantly earning about $1000 a day. Just imagine what ADZbuzz Savers Extension can do with thousands of more shops and with millions of users 🙂
    Why would people want to install ADZbuzz Savers Extension and keep it running? The Extension will be connected to peoples ADZbuzz wallet and every time ADZbuzz project makes profit, part of the revenue will be shared between extension users. I believe everyone would like the idea to earn free ADZcoin every day 😀
    PS  Every Extension user will get so called “donation wallet” too where ADZcoins will be sent every day. Those coins can be used only as a donation to publishers trough the ADZlink. This means millions of people will not only earn ADZcoins, but actively use them by sending them to the publishers they like!

New affiliate system of ADZbuzz

How the system can go viral and succeed? The ADZbuzz’s new affiliate system comes in to play now 🙂
ADZbuzz’s affiliate system will be connected to Extension instead of ad blocker. You can still promote ADZbuzz uBlock because it is amazing product and you can get new referrals with it. But the extension is even easier to promote because users can get free ADZ every day. They will not get rich with it but who does not like to get some extra income 🙂

ADZbuzz referrals are tied to your account forever and will allow you to earn ADZcoins every day from qualifying referrals. So to earn from the ADZcoin Savers extension, your referrals need to:
– Have the ADZcoin Savers extension installed
– Log into their ADZbuzz account the last 24 hours.

If these 2 conditions are met you will earn from the affiliate commission pool, which is equally divided amongst all qualifying referrals. So to give a short example: – 10,000 ADZ to be distributed that day – 10,000 qualifying referrals – You have 100 referrals, you earn 100 ADZ – You have 1000 referrals, you earn 1000 ADZ and so on…
And do not forget you will also earn 10% on all other products including fees in the ADZbuzz exchange, withdrawals from the ADZbuzz wallet and fees from the ADZbuzz market, plus all other products we’ll add later on.

With the ideas and concepts like this, it is not even possible that ADZbuzz cannot go viral 😀

50/50 concept. The road to wealth and riches 😀

50% of the total revenue ADZbuzz project makes will be sent to a “locked wallet” to which no one has access to. Those coins are gone forever. The rest 50% will be spread between parties with the following ratio

-> 40% to publishers
-> 30% to affiliates
-> 20% to ADZcoin extension users
-> 10% to donation wallet

As we know all the rewards will be paid out in ADZcoin which means ADZbuzz Project buys ADZcoins straight from the market every time the revenue is made in some other currency. For example: Affiliate shops are paying the commission in USD, ADZbuzz will use it to purchase ADZcoin from the market and then will send ADZcoin to different parties. Same goes with locked wallet. So every day all the profit which ADZbuzz makes will be changed into ADZcoin and will be split, half of it will be distributed between parties and half will be sent to a locked wallet (no one will ever see them again).

What is the point of “throwing away” coins and what affect it has?

  1. The total amount which is sent to locked wallet shows how much has been paid out as a reward (50/50 ratio).
  2. The decreasing amount of coins available will increase the value of ADZcoin.
  3. Publishers are thinking twice before selling their coins because it will increase the value of other coins in existence. Holding on to the coins will again decrease the amount of coins on the market which of course will increase the value of ADZcoin 🙂

If this is over your head and you cannot understand how throwing away coins can help ADZcoin grow. In that case, let me explain it with a little story. Let assume that there is a civilization which lives in a city and it has no connection to outside world. There are total of 10 000 citizens. One day they found a big portion of gold and they have chopped it to 1 million pieces with exact same weight so everyone could have 100 pieces. They started to use those gold pieces as an alternative to their current currency and they valued it with the ratio of 1 to 100 which makes the total value of pieces 100 000 000 in their own currency.
Somebody who has a lot of power has started to collect the pieces and will never sell them again (locked wallet). Over time there will be less and less gold pieces available. And lets not forget that people are also losing small things always 😉  After some time there are only 100 000 pieces available which makes 10 pieces per person. If the total value of all the pieces would be the same, the price would be 1000 per 1.
The population of this civilization is also growing (new members joining ADZbuzz) and there are already 100 000 citizens (1 piece per citizen). The total value of all the gold pieces is still 100 million which means the price per piece is already 10 000 in local currency.

Do you now see the power of the new feature? Less coins available means more value for existing coins. And if we add here the new affiliate system plus new earning possibilities with ADZbuzz Savers the price of ADZ will go over 1$ very fast after the grand launch. There is no limit how high it will go and eventually it will even catch the BTC price.
My recommendation, go crab more ADZ till the price is so low 🙂

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