The products of the first two levels in Marketing Powerhouse

Finally we have the products for first two levels in Marketing Powerhouse

Level ONE (Price $100 per month)

  • Fully customizable landing pages + email marketing (up to 4000 emails per month) – value $50
  • Social media marketing training by industry leading social media marketing trainer, Terry Gremaux – value $100
  • Monthly traffic packages in Marketing Powerhouse public traffic exchange
    1. 10 banner slots
    2. 7500 banner impressions per month
    3. 10 website slots
    4. 2000 website hits per month

Level TWO (Price $300 per month)

  • + 10 000 emails per month
  • Access to live monthly social media recruiting events with Terry Gremaux
  • Significantly larger monthly quoter of traffic
    1. 90 more banner slots
    2. 20 000 more banner impressions per month
    3. 4000 more website hits per month

Watch the video to see the products in deeper details

Download my Marketing Powerhouse calculator to see the potential of the program and watch the tutorial on how to use the calcualtor.


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