Lookback to 2016

The year has been a hell of ride with its good and bad times 😉

I have tried to earn income online from 2008/2009 already but haven’t been successful and first time in my life I gave a new year’s vow which was “I will do everything in my power to make 2016 the year when I finally break through”
Autumn 2015 I found revshare niche and my first revshare was HQ Revshare. I joined almost from the beginning but as I didn’t know how revshares work, I was getting too greedy by just compounding and not taking out almost any funds. Those who are in this kind of business know what happened to HQ 😉
My next revshare was Startrevshare which was part of Startpeeps (now known as ADZbuzz), which didn’t work out either. I have got my seed back though (purchased VIP in ADZbuzz) as they promised to pay back to all who were part of that revshare.
I joined few revshare more but lost my funds there. So the end of 2015 wasn’t very good.

After my new year’s vow, I started the year with a bang by stating to build up my brand called Revenue4U.  I made a YouTube channel and FB page and at the same time joined Ultimate Revshare which had so many revolutionary concepts. Because of all the new ideas it had, it was very good revshare to promote and this was also the time when my first calculator saw the light 🙂 I got so warm welcome with those calculators and people started to join as my referrals.

Same time I joined the Unirevshare which was also doing great and I started to see the light at end of the tunnel. I got my seed back from both of those revshares and started to make a profit. First time in my 7 year online experience 🙂 But the celebration was too soon. I put all the funds to other revshares to spread my eggs but all of them failed, only My Ad Story has stayed alive.

At the beginning of the summer I was even worse place when I started the year. I had lost my funds, indebtedness rose with every month and in addition to my online failure, my day job was going downhill too. So many students left my trainings at the beginning of summer. In July I had over 900€ in debt (my monthly salary was little over 500€ that time) and I started to lose faith as I didn’t see solution to the situation. It was one of the hardest times of my life but at the same time one of the best opportunities to grow and get stronger. I had my biggest realizations during that period. I realized everything has a reason and we grow the most when the times are the hardest. I got my best lessons, from which one was the following: Embrace and love the struggles, they will kick you out from your comfort zone and you will end up much stronger and better human being afterwards. Some of my best writings are also from that period.

At the end of August 2016 I made a shift in my life and online business. Before I started to build my brand Revenue4U I had very good success in my spiritual bath. I meditated a lot, read lots of books and spend many, many hours on watching videos. I did all of it to improve my life quality. I did it for one year and I saw so huge growth during that time.
After starting to put all my effort on building my business brand, I pushed all this spiritual thing to a side. It was a big mistake. In summer, when I had my hardest times, I realized I have to go back to my previous life. I have to start meditate again, I have to start developing my inner power. Why? We do not have power to change our surroundings to reflect our inner world, but we have the power to change our inner world which gives the option to be happy no matter of the outside circumstances.
Realizing the urge to go back to mental part of the game, I realized I do not want to earn my money because somebody else is losing money. That includes all revshares, all matrices without the product and so on, so the decision excludes all Ponzi schemes and pyramids from my promotion list. I will only promote the businesses which I believe will stay for many, many years.

Another thing I realized. When I started Revenue4U, I had a dream to become a network marketer. After the realization the need to go back to spiritual path though I found out that network marketing is not for me as it takes too much time and I cannot pursue my true calling which is mastering the mind. Somehow I have had the need to teach people (that is why I´m martial art coach too 🙂 and I have set another goal for myself. I want to help people to enjoy life more, I want to help people to get rid of the daily suffering and find the true happiness and fulfillment. So the only reasonable choice would be to become a life coach 🙂

You can also watch the Video which I made after changing my direction.

I don’t know why, but somehow I had so many new students in September and I got back on track. I got rid of the huge debt and I had even enough funds to start building my ADZbuzz business up 🙂

In October, my blog finally came to life. The blog is very good way to share my ideas and help people out. In FB the information is getting lost in data overload. In blog all my posts are easy to find and everyone can subscribe to get the latest info straight to their email. And let’s not forget, not all people are members of Facebook (soon I will be leaving too 😉 ) that is why it is good to have a blog. Plus it is another way to earn money online 🙂

So by looking back to the last year, I can really say “it was a hell of a ride!”. I haven’t broke through financially but I have got so many good learning experiences and I have also got many very good friends during the year. It has been one of my hardest years but I´m really grateful of all the experiences, bad ones and good ones. The year 2016 was a huge learning experience and it will help me succeed in 2017. I will go into 2017 with a stronger mind and with a faith “I will make it!”

Have a prosperous and fulfilled 2017 🙂

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