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Life can be found only in the present moment – Thich Nhat Hanh

I have started to watch another channel in YouTube and it is called Naked Reality.

Today when walking to my training I listened to one of the videos and after finishing and walking in silence it suddenly hit me. I have cheated myself, I have escaped life by wanting something from the future. I have said to myself I will get my financial things right, then start to pursue enlightenment and then will start living. How fool I have been, I have allowed Ego to deceive me by seeking something from the future, by hoping better life tomorrow. I´m doing the daily work (reading, watching videos & meditating) to get “there” But there is nowhere to get, only thing what we have is now, this exact moment. Why I´m not embracing it, why I live in the future?

I know my current situation sucks, I´m almost homeless, living with my ex (kids mom) and our relationship is terrible. I will move out in couple of weeks, because we just cannot live under the same roof, I do not know where……yet. Financial situation? I would better not talk about it 😉  I can understand why I like to live in the future, but still….I did it even before “this” situation happened. I was enjoying my life by focusing on good things, by being grateful of what I already had. I enjoyed the simple being and it looked like I´m doing everything right. But now I realized, in the back of my mind I was still living in tomorrow because every time I meditated or watched some video, I did it because I knew it will bring me closer to my goal, enlightenment. I was hoping for a better life, and not externally, I was hoping to master my mind so I would not depend on external situations to be happy and I would enjoy life as it is.

Time is what we want most but what we use worst – William Penn

But I´m making a huge mistake, I´m losing the most precious thing we have, time. We can never get back the time. By searching something from the future, we will always lose. That something might never come or it will take so much time so there will not be much time left to celebrate it. And this is what most people do, they hope to reach somewhere and then start living. And without even noticing it, I have made the same mistake. Not hoping for a better outer world like most people but better inner world and by doing that I was forgetting the thing that really matters.

What about now, what about the time we spend walking on the road? There is no other “place” to be happy, to embrace life, to enjoy life fully. We can do it only now at this moment.
I have to detach myself from the dreamlife. I have to let go of the “need” to get there. It is time to live now, it is time to celebrate every day and every minute. I´m not saying we should give up from our dreams, No, not at all. We should always dream and dream big but we cannot attach to those dreams, we have to enjoy life now, at this very moment. When we embrace the life now, our dreams will follow.

Time is our most valuable asset, so use it wisely. Do not wait for some magic to happen, start living now!

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One thought on “Do not wait, start living now!

  • aivo

    I do this every time i go to the dentist. Its hard to tell the mind not to resist the pain and even the idea of not resisting the pain is motivated by fear and so i cant transcend it. Basically if i have to think about it, i lose.