The countdown has started :) 5

The countdown has started 🙂

So much has happened in last few weeks and it is even hard to keep track on everything. I´ll try my best to keep you up to date with the latest news with this post.

But first, before I go into „business“, I would like to apologize. There was one misunderstanding about cashbacks. After the update of new concept and reading many, many comments from Jens I understood that we will get all our cashbacks from Buzz Powers which includes also the pending cashback (e.g. Power 100 gets 20% extra), but I was mistaken and I want to apologize for misguiding you. We only got the cashback which we already had received from our Buzz Powers. I´m sorry if I lifted your hopes up with Buzz Power cashback, we are still humans and mistakes happen.

Coins released to ad wallet

Finally the long wait is over and all our coins have been released to our ad wallet 🙂 Those coins are from Buzz Powers (the exact amount you had earned before the earnings stopped) and from pending commission. All the commission which was pending has been paid out, which is amazing in my opinion because ADZbuzz hasn’t earned that money yet (which was the case with Buzz Powers and why we didn’t get the pending cashback). The decision to pay out all the commissions was to reward those who have used their time promoting ADZbuzz to increase the ADZ community.

What to do with your coins

As you may have noticed you have two separate wallets in ADZbuzz now. There is actually no difference between them. Your regular wallet (Web Wallet) holds the coins which you have send straight to your ADZbuzz account. The Ad Wallet holds the coins from your Buzz Powers and the pending commission. You cannot unite those funds into one. You can do it though by sending coins first to your other wallet and then back to your ADZ wallet, but you will pay third party transaction fee that way.

So what to do? You have three choices

  • You can keep your coins in ADZBuzz and they are totally secure there if we talk about coin theft. All coins are stored offline so there is no change somebody can hack to the site and steal your coin. Of course nothing is 100% safe, but I believe you understand what I mean 😉
    But what happens if the site is in maintenance mode or servers have some issue and you have the urge to get your coins?
  • Send coins to your Yobit or Livecoin wallet and keep them there. I would not recommend you to do that as the risk to lose your coins because of theft is much higher and you still can have problems to get your coins if the servers are down or sites are under construction
  • Install your own offline wallet, encrypt it and keep your coins there. You have access to your coins every time you want. If your PC is safe, there is no way how somebody can steal your coins. Plus you can back up your data to external hard drives, USB or any other storage system.
    Download offline wallet. Some virus protections can show “red” on the file but everything is secure. See proof. I will make a tutorial video about the wallet too in near future

ADZbuzz uBlock

Are you surfing the web, are you watching videos in YouTube? Are you using ad blocker to block the ads? NO – You should definitely install ADZbuzz uBlock. Your surfing experience will change 180 degrees, and do the better of course 😉 Watch the short video

  • ADZbuzz uBlock referral system

All who join ADZbuzz via your referral link will be locked as your referral for life. Every day your referral visits ADZbuzz with ADZbuzz Savers exension enabled, you will get commission straight to your web wallet. 30% of the ADZbuzz earnings will be shared between all members depending on how many referrals visited ADZbuzz that day.  More referrals you have, higher percentage you get from that 30% commission pool. Read the post

Another way to reward  regular ADZbuzz members

ADZbuzz will have a contest which will reward those who build largest communities in ADZbuzz. The exact process is not yet known, but this idea will bring many more members to ADZbuzz for sure Plus it makes ADZbuzz more attractive for web publishers. Who would not want to write about the community which is supporting your doings and it does so without any effort from your (web publishers) part. Read the post and find out more about it 🙂 The idea is really worth the try and it will benefit the growth of ADZbuzz for sure.

ADZbuzz roadmap and the official launch date

[powr-countdown-timer id=8c495727_1482481086084]

We have finally the official launch date 🙂 The deadline when everything will be set up and the system will have its official launch, is 28th of February. The date is not carved into stone, the features that will be added can be finished earlier, the date only shows when everything will be ready to launch.

They have added a nice feature on the top of ADZbuzz dashboard, countdown to the deadline.  And by clicking on it, you can find the exact process for every feature. This is really nice as we can now see where we are at on the roadmap.

Read the roadmap for the beginning of 2017

Promo has started

Mass promo has started 🙂 The web has started swarm as blogs and news sites have started to talk about ADZbuzz and ADZbuzz uBlock specifically. How it can finally solve the 22 billion problem. Just search the Google and you see what I mean 🙂
Some examples:

The value of ADZ

After the coins were released, there was an immediate dump happening in Exchanges. Somebody could not hold his/her nerve and sold his/her coins. Very unwise, very unwise 🙂 I highly recommend to hold on to your coins for 6 months at least, even longer if it is possible.

Yes the value has decreased because of the dumping and you might not see the increase in value even after the mass promo has started. There is still mining going on those coins are constantly dumped to the market which will not help increase the value. Wait till the launch and you will see the coin value jump to dollars very fast. Why? If you know the concept how ADZbuzz will pay to publishers then you know why 🙂 In case you do not understand, I try to explain it a little. ADZbuzz is getting its income in Bitcoin, USD, EUR and other main currencies but revenue to web publishers, ADZbuzz members and VIP holders will be paid in ADZ. Every day ADZbuzz will earn income from multiple sources and mainly from ADZbuzz Savers. 90% of this income will be used to purchase ADZ from the market to pay web publishers, ADZbuzz members (referral commission) and VIP holders. And what you think will happen to the value if ADZbuzz itself starts to purchase thousands of coins every day? Do you think the value will still be at pennies? 🙂 That is why I recommend to hold on to your coins and wait when everything will be launched.

The journey has really started and great things will happen to those who are patient

NB! Vote for ADZcoin

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