ADZbuzz uBlock – The new era in ad blocking

The era of annoying ads and popups are over, period!
And at the same time ADZbuzz uBlock will solve the 20 billion dollar problem.

We all know how annoying can ads be and how “right” time they can pop up to our screen. This is now history. No more ads when surfing the web, no more ads when watching videos, no more ads when playing the games. ADZbuzz Ublock will make your online experience ads free.

Plus, ADZbuzz uBlock will finally end the problem in “users, web publishers and advertisers” cycle.

What is this problem about?
Users do not want to see annoying ads and are using ad blockers. Web publishers are losing their revenue because of those ad blockers and are blocking or giving limited access to users who are using ad blockers. Companies are spending huge amount of money on advertisement which does not work as efficiently as they want.

The solution, where all three parties will win, has arrived. ADZbuzz uBlock is a unique ad blocker that will directly pay publishers from ADZbuzz Savers and several other income. There will also be a mobile version of ADZbuzz uBlock that not only blocks ads on websites but also in-app ads, for instance in games. A 100% unique feature that is bound to create shockwaves in the advertising industry!

Welcome to the new era of ad blocking, welcome to the era of ADZbuzz uBlock 🙂

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