Recyclix is now registered trademark, plus the future of Recyclix

Very good news for those who have trusted Recyclix. Recyclix brand is now confirmed an official trademark registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).  The registration is a further evidence of the validity and not public yet, so we just have to wait little more to get another good proof that Recyclix is real and trusted company worth investing higher amounts.
I have previously stated I do not trust Recyclix fully until I haven’t seen the factory myself or some of my good friends have done so. But there is more and more proof coming up which shows the company is completely legit.

At first many people thought Recyclix is yet another Ponzi and very well planned btw. And yes, it might have been. They started as Ponzi to raise the funds they needed to get started. When they had enough funds, they could start to build the real company. Of course it is not the way to build your business by lying at first but if it plays out, those who have trusted, will be rewarded.

Because all those great news I´m gaining more confidence in Recyclix and I´m thinking of rising my investment soon. Will keep you updated, stay tuned

Read the update about trademark

Read about the future plans

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