New concept for ADZbuzz 3

Very exciting times are ahead 🙂 ADZbuzz will have new concept which can skyrocket the value of ADZcoin very fast.

Read the latest update here.

I will try to explain shortly what is going to happen. I will update the ADZbuzz main page soon with longer explanation.

Like the update states, web publishers have lost over 22 billion in 2015 because of the ad blockers and ADZbuzz will give the solution which deals with the problem in its roots by releasing its own ad blocker called Ublock. Download the test version for Chrome (other browsers will come soon 🙂 )

So what is this new concept about?
I´ll try to do it short and not go into details how everything will play out 🙂

  • Ublock for web users – Users can download Ublock for free and they can surf the sites ad free like with other ad blockers but…. 🙂 But every Ublock user will earn daily ADZcoins as a reward which they can either donate to their favorite publishers or spend in Adzcoin accepting shops
  • Ublock for web publishers – Web publishers will usually lose their income from ads because of the ad blockers but now they want to install ADZbuzz script which counts the users who are using Ublock when visiting their site. The amount of users visiting their site will determine the size of revenue web publishers will get from ADZbuzz Savers.
  • ADZbuzz Savers – Buying and selling in one place. ADZbuzz Savers is a centralized search engine for products and the place where advertisers can advertise their products and services because this is the place where people are actually looking to buy something.
  • ADZbuzz Savers for web publishers – The system works with “pay per click” concept. Every time somebody clicks to the product page, ADZbuzz Savers gets paid anywhere from $0.2-$2 per click, 90% of it will be used to buy ADZcoin form the exchange and then spread amongst publishers. The system works exactly like Google does make money with the clicks to product sites.
  • ADZbuzz Savers for users – People who are looking to buy something on the web can do it all in one place. They can compare prices, read other customers reviews and find coupon codes to save money.
  • Win, win, win situation – Users can surf web ads free with Ublock. Web publisher will not lose their revenue because of Ublock. Advertisers can get higher quality traffic because their ads will be shown where people are actually looking to buy something

How all of it will help ADZcoin holders?
As stated, every time somebody clicks on the product in ADZbuzz savers. ADZbuzz Savers will get paid between $0.2 and $2 per click, from which 90% will be used to buy ADZcoin from exchange. This means there will be constant demand for ADZcoin which on the other hand will increase the value of ADZcoin continuously.

This concept will increase the value much faster than previous one. All ADZcoin holders will multiply their investment by thousands or even tens of thousands. The downside of the new concept is of course that there will not be daily income anymore (only for VIP’s).

What happens now?

  1. All the previous Buzz Power holders will get their coins + the extra (5% to 30% depending on the Power) to their ADZbuzz wallet before the mass promo will start (in few weeks according to the update)
    EDIT: There was little misunderstanding with that point. We received only the cashback which we already had earned with our Buzz Powers because the extra % came only from the ADZbuzz earnings. And there hasn’t been any earnings for ADZbuzz before the big promo, there is no extra ADZ to pay the pending cashout.  So I want to apologize if I brought your hopes up.
  2. All the commissions which were pending will be paid to ADZbuzz wallet before the mass promo will start.
  3. VIPs will still earn daily rewards, no changes there
  4. You can sell your coins anytime you want, no coins will be locked for 12 months (although I highly recommend not to do that immediately after the value has started to rise)
  5. You don’t have to send your ADZ to your wallet anymore, you can send them to your offline wallet (at least with the current plan where ADZbuzz will stick with current version of ADZcoin).
  6. You can exchange your coins with small amounts to get monthly passive income


Be patient and good things will come 🙂


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3 thoughts on “New concept for ADZbuzz

  • Helen

    Hi you mentioned all previous buzz power users will get their coins + the extra 5 to 30 % do you mean going back to the original plan, no more following the 20% inflation plan?

    • Armin Post author

      If ADZbuzz will stick with the v1ADZ, there will not be daily/weekly/monthly earnings anymore. Which means no yearly inflation and no more Buzz powers too. All who purchased Buzz powers, when they were available, will get their initial deposit back to their ADZbuzz wallet + the extra according to the powers they had. They can withdraw those coins or send them to offline wallet because they will not earn anything extra anymore. At least this is the plan at the moment as I understand it after reading all Jens’s replies to the questions people had. Only VIP’s will earn daily income like before. ADZcoin holders are like investors now. The value of their investment will increase when the value of ADZcoin will increase, which definitely will happen because of the constant demand for ADZcoin from “pay per click” concept in ADZbuzz Savers.
      Hope I made it more clear now 🙂

  • Tea

    Thank you for writing this it is explained so that everyone can understand. I love this new concept and am so glad to be a part of this project. Soon everyone will hear about adz coins 🙂