Transferring my funds a little :)

screenshot_2Had 295kg plastic granules in Recyclix but instead of going to next cycle and compounding my earnings, I thought it would be wiser to sell them this time. Why?
My account in Recyclix is very small (started with 20€ (free) + 20€ (my own)) and it will take many years to get a decent income from there. Plus I do not trust Recyclix fully yet.
There is much better way to use those funds and the window is closing very soon (less than month left). ADZ price at the moment is less than $0,01 and I can get over 5000 ADZ with my 44,25€. After the crowd sale will start (read ADZbuzz roadmap), ADZ will be sold with the price of $0.50. My 5000 ADZ will be worth $2500 🙂 Of course I cannot take it out, but this thought is not even in my mind, ADZ is long term investment, not some get rich quick scheme.

There is a saying “Never put all your eggs into one basket” and looks like  I’m going against that rule. Yes I´m sending all my “extra” funds to ADZbuzz but the risk is more than worth it. If I lose the investmscreenshot_3ent ($44) it will not affect my life. Yes, my total investment in ADZbuzz is almost $1000 and it is quite big money for me but still, if I lose it, it will not ruin my life, it is still only money and money comes and goes.

But what if it works, what if ADZbuzz will succeed. And let me tell you, by looking how the community works and how the ADZbuzz structure will be build, there is almost 100% change ADZbuzz will grow into something very big. If I would miss this huge opportunity, I would regret it all my life. The $1000 which I have invested will be worth 50 000 ADZ by the time the crowd sale starts, those ADZ are already worth $25 000 and monthly income from inflation will already be $416 which means in two months I have already got my seed back and all the future earnings are pure profit 🙂 And……and if the price of ADZ will be $10, 50 000 ADZ will be worth $500 000 and monthly income from inflation will be over 8000 bucks 😀 😀

Do you think it’s not worth the risk? Risk reward ratio is enormous and the window to get in with such a low price will be closed soon. That is why I´m using all my free funds to by more ADZ. After the window is closed then it is time to spread the eggs and looks for other opportunities. screenshot_1

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