I got scammed! 2

I GOT SCAMMED! Be careful!

They told me, there is no rush.
They told me, you have all the time you need.
They told me, trust us, everything will be okay.
They told me, if you work hard you will get all what you want and your name will be remembered.
They told me, you will find happiness when you have beautiful house, “dream” car and loving family.

Oh man was I fool to trust “them”
I have max 50…70 years.
At the end everything will not be okay, I will get old and weak and will die eventually.
My name will not be remembered. After 500 years nobody knows who I was.
I will not be happy when I have beautiful house, “dream” car and loving family. Our material achievements will not make us happy, they will give us just a temporary satisfaction but not the true happiness we all so desperately seek.

I got scammed by life but I embrace it anyway.
I love the struggles it gives me, they will make me stronger.
I love the lessons it gives me, they will help me grow.
I love the beauty it shares with me, it makes me smile inside
I love the way it treats me, it makes me realize how blessed I am to experience all of this.

Be warned, life is a big scam which will end someday for all of us. There is no time to waste, every day will bring you closer to your last day. So stop hoping for a better future and start living today. Make all your days worth living. Make all your days worth remembering. Be grateful of what you already have, be grateful for every experience in your life, even the bad ones and especially the bad ones, biggest growth will always come outside the comfort zone.
Live every day fully and remember there is no better time to celebrate and be happy than now, this exact moment.

Peace and love 😀

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