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People so often complain: “Why they changed this or why they changed that, I just got used to new rules and now again I have to adapt”
Especially with ADZbuzz changes lately, people are complaining: “Why so many changes just stick to something and let it be.”

If the environment will change the species have to change or they will not survive. Same is with every company. Company has to always evolve and adapt to new circumstances. Especially when they want to create something new and unique like ADZbuzz does. If ADZbuzz would have stuck with the first strategy it will not survive. There are already too many examples from other companies which are falling by using the ADZbuzz previous ideas and strategies. No need to follow other footsteps and fail at the end, better learn from other mistakes and adapt the system.

So every time your company makes a change you do not like, instead of complaining and getting upset, be grateful that you have joined the company which is evolving and adapting, it shows the owner(s) have company’s survival as their primary goal and they want it to succeed.
Change is always hard and time consuming and usually people are not willing to put their precious time in to it. Be happy that your company is changing and the owner is not sitting back, relaxing and collecting the money.

And same is with you 🙂 If you want to survive (succeed), you have to accept the changes, you have to adapt to new circumstances. You need to change your strategies, you need to change your plans or you will fail.
So the question is. Do you want to succeed? Are you willing to accept the changes? Then stop complaining and start adapting, only this way you will reach the peak of your potential.

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3 thoughts on “Most adaptable will succeed!

  • Sipho

    Throughout history we learn that those who are last to change or adapt usually end up getting scraps or eventually do it at a great expense/cost. To make an example of myself, if I adopted bitcoin the first time (or even second time) I heard about it sometime in 2013 or thereabout the least I would be today is wealthy.
    The good thing is I learnt my lesson well hence when the ADZbuzz/ ADZcoin train came around in 2015 I got on board early.Since then I have been adapting to all the changes that come along.

    • Armin Post author

      Yes, usually people are not willing to take a risk to step out of their bubble. Those who are eager enough to see what is outside that bubble will have a huge change to make something great with their lives. And those who have given ADZbuzz the change will be one of the “luckiest” to have a change to live very wealthy life 🙂

  • Tarithel

    Yup, the ability to adapt to changes is very important. That is how species survive or perish in nature.

    And about the changes made (=announced) to ADZbuzz lately: We are still in beta so changes are to be expected. If something doesn’t work as expected, it’s probably going to be changed. And those changes are going to be beneficial to us all in the long run.