ADZbuzz update 14.Nov.2016 and new coins purchase with Recyclix earnings


ADZbuzz development has started which is very good news. We are getting closer and closer to the end product and beta state will end soon. Newly trained developers are adding new features and fixing issues every week.
Read the latest update here.
If you missed the previous update, you can read it here

New logo looks awesome and the site is much faster too now 🙂screenshot_1

NB! If you are not seeing your powers, do not worry, it is totally fine as Buzz powers will be no more and all your coins will be added to your account in time. You can still see your total coins in mobile app.



Purchasing new coinsscreenshot_2

The wait paid of 🙂

I sent all the funds I got from Recyclix to Livecoin and opened trades with much lower price than current market price at that moment. I was hoping the price drop before v1ADZ blockchain will be closed. I opened 6 trades in total with the step of 50 satoshi and today all those orders were filled as somebody was selling huge amount of coins 🙂 . Lowest trade was 1101 Satoshi per 1 ADZ which equals to $0,0067 per ADZ. I got 3508 ADZ in total with my Recyclix earnings. If the crowd sale starts, the value of those coins is already $1750 :D. No better deal than that I think 😉

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