First payment from Recyclix

Woohoo, got my first payment from Recyclix 😀

I was just checking my account progress when I saw very nice surprise in my account balance. I had over 20€ waiting for a withdrawal. This was indeed very pleasant surprise and made my day 🙂 Why I didn’t know about it? It was a commission from one of my referrals, so thank you whoever you are.
I withdraw 23.70€ to my BTC wallet and it took only 10 minutes to get the funds to my wallet, which was another good surprise. Thank your Recyclix for very fast payment 🙂

The amount that I received went straight to my Livecoin account to purchase more ADZcoin. ADZcoin opportunity is closing soon so I will use every extra amount I have to purchase more ADZcoin.

2016-11-07-1 2016-11-07-2

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