The Beginning 3

How it all started?
At one point, I got sick and tired of struggling about money and living from payday to payday. So I started to seek an alternate income. As I had quite a lot free time. I started to dig into interned depths. I saw so many people earning money online and I thought why cannot I do the same 🙂
But I didn´t want to work for it so I chose the easy road 😉
At 2009 I started with online casinos by playing Black Jack. I was quite successful with it but greed won that time and I lost all my earnings (got my seed back though).
Next I found Forex market. I saw a huge potential there but as my budget was so low, it didn’t work out for me and I lost my initial deposit (about 300€). I tried to build a good strategy with a low budget for couple of years but I failed with it. Every strategy needed little bigger investment.
2014 I found Binary options and I was a part of a very good FB group. However my emotions didn’t held up and I lost my funds again (about 300€ again).
In the autumn 2015 I found the revshares and I lost little bit with the first programs. I was too greedy again and didn’t take my earnings out at the right time.

In February 2016 the new era in my online career started. I asked myself, now or never and I started to build my online brand Revenue4U. I started to make calculators for revshares and I became quite famous in that niche. I was getting to be known as „The calculator guy“ 🙂
At that time I joined also the „Ultimate revshare“ which had many unique and revolutionary ideas built in their program. I made my first profit with that program and I saw my dreams coming true. But like with every fast or medium revshare, the URS collapsed eventually and my dreams with it.
I lost most of my earnings by jumping too recklessly into new programs which ended up falling apart very fast.
It was summer 2016 when I had one of the hardest periods of my life (financially). All the programs on which I had the hope had fallen and I didn’t know how to get out of this situation. At that time I also realized this is not the way I want to live. Many of my online and also real life friends have lost their money with me and I could not carry that burden. I thought to myself. Better I be poor than get rich by using other people’s money (all the revshares, matrices and most of the MLM’s do just that). And I promised to myself, never promote any program which depends on the new member’s money. So you will not see me promoting those kinds of programs again. I may be active myself there and I will also show it in my progress but I will not promote and recommend them. If you want to join, you do it at your own risk.

When I made that switch of mindset, good things have started to happen 🙂
People are starting to use my talents (building the calculators and excel files) and pay me money for it. It is not much but it is well earned and honest money. I have started to get the invitations to many good opportunities which I hope to join soon when my funds will start to increase little by little. The programs or companies where I´m already active are starting to grow and make a big impact on my way of becoming financially independent.

This is my „little“ story 🙂 I have been trying to get an extra income from the year of 2009 already and I haven’t been successful yet. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I will never give up on reaching the financial freedom.

PS Here you will find my latest “Why”. Why I´m searching for a passive income.

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3 thoughts on “The Beginning

  • Tea

    Thanks for sharing your story which is very similar to mine 🙂 It is not coincidence our path has crossed and I know we will be financially free starting with the year of 2017 🙂

    • Armin Post author

      Everything in life, situations that happen, people you meet, everything has a higher purpose. I have seen too many “coincidences” in last years and I have started to not believe in those “coincidences” anymore. There are too many signs which shows we are part of a bigger game and everyone has a role to play there.
      Financial freedom is in our grasp and we are achieving it very soon 🙂
      I´m glad and grateful I have met so many good people on that road and I´m happy you are one of them 🙂