Why you are so lazy :)

Written 22.Sep.2016

Why is it so hard to get things done? Why we have to push ourselves to leave the comfort zone? Because it is in our nature to do as less as possible to survive.

I had this interesting thought or ahhaa moment today when I saw raindrops flowing down on my window. I just watched it making bath from top to bottom when suddenly….AHHAAA!
Water always seeks the less resistant way on its bath. Rivers are always building the way with less resistance. Everything that grows in nature seeks less resistant path to reach from seed to surface.
All animals in the wild will do the same, they use just enough energy to get things done and survive. So why we should be any different. There is no point of losing more energy than needed to survive. That is why we like to do as less as possible but as much as needed.
But now our mind comes into play. We do not want to be the average guy, we want to be “somebody” But to be somebody we have to push ourselves, we have to leave our comfort zone. But as our psyche has built the way like the rest of the nature, where we want to follow the road with less resistance it is very hard to actually leave the comfort zone and start working.

However, we have to do it, we have to leave the cozy and enjoyable comfort zone and face the grind. There is no other way if we want to become “somebody”. There is also a good side. If you have done it enough, your comfort zone or more precisely homeostasis will come along and you will have a new comfort zone (homeostasis), where you actually like to work 🙂

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