Who has nothing, even the last is taken

A Merchant was on his way through the desert with his caravan. In the desert they saw a man who has covered himself with the sand lying there. Merchant came down from camel, welcomed the man and asked him: „Why you are lying here on the sand?“
„I am very poor,“ replied the man. “I don’t have any clothes and when I saw your caravan coming I hid myself under the sand. But you as it looks, are very rich. Tell me please, what is your secret?”
“The secret is this,” replied the merchant, “No matter what God sends me, is it a lot or a little – I will always say “Al-hamdu lilläh! Praised be to Allah!””
“I have no reasons to say that,” said the poor. “Nothing is given to me and as you can see there is nothing to even take away from me.”
At the same moment strong wind rose and blew away the sand which covered the poor man.

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