Knowing the road is not the same as walking the road

Written 5.Sep.2017

Social media is full of posts (quotes) about positive thinking and how to create the life you desire. People who have read them will like them and say “So true”, “Exactly”, “Great post” etc. etc. Maybe they think about those quotes for a second but next at minute the thought is gone.

There are also so many great videos which teach how to get your mindset right. You watch it, you think about it for couple of days maybe and then again you forget it.
And this is happening day after day.

And of course the books. They are very, very valuable tools for self improvement. But still, it is not enough if you just read them.

All those things which I mentioned are great sources of information and guidance but my question is. Do you actually work on yourself? Do you actually take time to leave all the information and distraction to the side and be alone to get to know your inner world? Do you deal with your “demons”? Do you work on your fears and weaknesses?

Books, videos, quotes, they are like treasure map. By reading or watching them, you will know that there is a “treasure” and they will even show you how to get to that treasure. But what they don’t do? They do not GIVE you the treasure.
You are the one who has to go on that hard journey full of enemies. You are the one who has to face all the challenges on the road to finally get to the treasure. No one will give it to you.

So if you want to see the real progress and achieve the ultimate “price”, you have to put your work in.
And same goes with success. All the knowledge you have, will not make you successful. You have to work for it.
Knowing the road is not enough, you have to walk the road.

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