The traveler and a Genie

A Traveler wondered in the desert. He was exhausted and could barely stand on his feet, his clothes were tattered and in the head he had only one thought: “Water!”
Suddenly, like a miracle, he saw a copper pitcher in the sand. Ancient pitcher had turned green in time. “Water!” thought the traveler with excitement. He picked up the pitcher and started to rub it clean from the sand. Thunder crashed, lightning flashed and suddenly a Genie was standing in front of him.
“Oh thank you my lord for saving me from thousand years of imprisonment” said the Genie and dropped to his knees to kiss the travelers clothing lapel. “Command me oh master, and I will fulfill all your wishes.”
The traveler had only one wish: “I want home!”
“Let’s go then,” said Genie, straightened his clothes and started to walk along the sand dunes.
“Can’t we get there little faster?” begged the traveler.
“Why not, yes we can, let’s run then!” replied the Genie

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