The Power of Silence

One religious man had non-religious son. For the father it was burdensome that he couldn’t bring his son to the fate. Feeling the death coming, he invited his son to him.
“Son, promise me, you would fulfill my last wish.”
“What is this wish, father?”
“After my death come here every day for 40 days and stay here for 15 minutes each day.”
“And what I have to do here?”
“Do not do anything. Just sit quietly. But do it at least 15 minutes every day. Promise me that.”

Son buried his father and did exactly what his father had asked. Every day he came to this room and just sat quietly. So went those 40 days. And what a surprise, with that time unexpectedly the son has become religious.

After many years the son finally realized how wise his father’s last wish was. Father understood that young man’s life is very hasty and full of doings and he will not have time to think about eternal things like purpose of life, soul, death and immortality. God. But one needs only to stop and be in silence when God will knock to hearts door.

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