My real “Why” 1

Written on 31.aug. 2016

Like everyone else, I would love to have beautiful house, nice car, support my family and travel where I want. But this is not my real why. This will not make me happy, truly happy.

My goal is having enough passive income so I don’t have to worry how to get the food on the table, how to pay the bills, how to get my kids dressed up and so on. To get all the major expenses covered so I can work towards my “real” goal.
Passive income will give me opportunity to leave all the people behind and go where is no TV, no internet and zero entertainment. Where I can be alone and deal with my “demons” (I have a lot of them 🙂 ) Where I can separate myself from outside world and all the distractions so I could find the enjoyment in “being”.
Of course I would not want to do that permanently, I would want to do that for one year, or for 6 months at least.

Happiness is not in money and material things. Of course we need money to survive, but it won’t make us happy, Period! We believe that if we get certain things and have certain amount of money we will be happy, however in reality it will never happen. Our mind (Ego) is deceiving us by setting up the goals to ourselves, but after we have got to that goal, Ego will set us another goal. “I know I will be happy when I get to “that” goal.”
For a brief moment yes there is satisfaction for reaching another goal or buying a new “toy” but this is just temporary because it comes from external source and our mind will want bigger goal and bigger “toy” and this cycle will never end. This is how human mind is built. We want more, more and more.

Money only magnifies who were are. If you cannot enjoy your life right now then you cannot enjoy it no matter how much money you have. Yes we see “rich people living the “dream” life with fast cars, yachts and private jets. We see them partying, celebrating and “enjoying” the life fully. To the outside they seem very happy and fulfilled but inside they are hollow. If we would take away all those luxuries and then see how happy they are. They are not because their ego is so attached to the material things. More you give to it, more it wants. And probably most of them would do a suicide or they will die from overdose or from some illness because their mind will make them sick.

And what you think, where comes all the suffering, why we suffer? We suffer because our mind is distorting the reality. Our Ego is attached to everything that surrounds it and if there is any slight change we will suffer. We suffer even from the problems that are not there. Our mind creates all the problems. If somebody said something to us, which we didn’t like, our Ego gets hurt and we suffer. In reality there wasn’t any change actually. I will not be talking about it more here. I have many posts about it already.

That is why I want to go away and separate myself from all the distractions. I need to detach myself from everything so my ego will have nothing to hold on and will detach from everything.  By doing so, I will find the real happiness which lies inside and which is not dependent on any outer influencer.
And imagine the happiness level then if I have enough money to use it the way I want it.

This is my “WHY” The passive income will give me the opportunity to start the “journey” to “inside” where the real value of living lies 🙂

Second why 🙂
Is to give my kids the life I didn’t have. I was raised by my mom and I don’t remember anything of my father. We always had money problems and my mom worked her ass off to get the food on the table, which eventually took her life. I was 20 at that time. After which we were left alone with my brother. I have starved and I have stolen the food. This is the life I don’t want my kids to have. I don’t want my kids to go through the things I have been through. I want to give my kids the life they deserve. And this is also my “why”

PS I had a realization few months after writing this post that I have deceived myself, you can read more about it here.

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