Love the struggle 2

Written 29 July 2016

You really need to fall to the bottom to truly value the things and to realize that you cannot take anything for granted. I´m finally starting to value and appreciate the struggles I´m in (at least I think I do). They make me work and come out from my comfort zone and I´m starting to like it 😉

Maybe I´m weird, cos who does like struggles 🙂

I just hope I will not forget it all when those hard times are behind. I hope I will keep the lessons alive and will value everything and not take anything for granted. I hope I will keep pushing and striving to become a better friend, father and human being.

Thank you “Life” for the lessons you have given me.

PS Little advice for those who have hard times in their lives.

Every day is a new beginning with new opportunities and challenges. Rise over those challenges and grab the new opportunities by the horns. Be wise with your decisions, don’t rush into things which seem too good to be true. Be patient and eventually you will get “there”

And remember, all the struggles which you have been through will make YOUR STORY. THE STORY which you will remember all your life. THE STORY which will inspire your followers and which will give power to all of those whose road has started the same.

If there will be no struggles on the road, there won’t be any story to share. BIGGER THE STRUGGLE, BIGGER AND MORE INSPIRATIONAL THE STORY.

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