How to have an extraordinary life

Written 13 March 2016

If you are facing emotional choices, always choose the hardest one and you will become the best human being possible.

Example one: If somebody hurts your feelings, its  very easy to get mad and start to yell on each other but this way your are not leaving your comfort zone and you are letting your mind (Ego) to control you. The hardest choice is to forgive to the one who hurt you. This way you grow as a human being and you will rise above  your EGO.

Example two: You don´t like your job, but you are afraid to quit because you don´t know what will happen. Worst thing for your EGO is uncertainty. So you just stay in your comfort zone and will hate your life more and more. But when you finally say “Fuck it :)” and you quit your job, you might find your dream career and you will be happier then ever.
Life is not meant to suffer, life is meant to feel the joy and happiness of being 🙂

Example three: You like someone but you are afraid to talk about your feelings. Its very easy to just chit chat and stay in your comfort zone. The hardest choice would be to spit it all out and tell him/her how you feel. Why is it so hard? Because you never know how he/she reacts and you might get hurt. But what happens when you get hurt? You will rise up again and go on with your life. If you would not have told him/her you might still be wondering how he/she feels about you. But maybe if you told him/her everything you have found your true love. So express yourself truly & honestly 🙂

Enjoy the living but face your fears 🙂

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