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Written on 12.Oct.2016


PS I will also share my little experience which I had couple of days ago by “listening” to the same “video”

Everything you dislike or hate in your life is because of your Ego.
And I mean “everything”.

If you think that some things which are happening in your daily life are unfair or you think that somebody is acting or doing “wrong” things, it is because of your Ego.

If you are shy, you lack motivation, you do not like how you look, You don’t like your goworkers, you don’t like your boss, you don’t like to do certain things, you feel uncomfortable in some situations, you worry about the future, you stay in your past, you have fears, you have doubts. All those things are creation of your Ego

So if you ask what is wrong with Ego? All the negative things which you don’t like in your daily life are there because of your Ego.

Here is the formula for happiness 🙂
Happiness = reciprocal of Ego
(bigger and stronger the ego, less happiness you have. Smaller and weaker the ego, more happiness you have)

Video that everyone should watch:
Or download the audio here:…/m…/whats-wrong-with-ego.mp3

There is so much information about the topic (Spiral Dynamics) which was mentioned at the end of the video.
Here is Leo’s own video about that topic
Download the audio here:…/the-grand-model-of-psychol…

Here is a chart on Spiral dynamics…/Spiral%20Dynamics%20model.p…

So where are you on that chart and where you want to be? 😉


My experience
I have a park near the apartment where I live. It was afternoon and I was coming home from my morning training session. Usually when I walk I listen something which helps me grow and this time I was listening the audio of the “What is wrong with Ego”

I was walking on a little path which went though the park when suddenly I stopped because my focus came from the listening to what I saw around me. As it is autumn I saw very colorful view: green, yellow, orange and red everywhere. My little road was meandering through the alley of this beauty and I was just standing there in the middle of the road.
My awareness level went so high in an instant, I felt cold wind blowing through my fingers, I felt my body come a live, there were so many sensations and feelings in my body at the same time. The time seemed to stop at that moment and my awareness expanded or something like that. I cannot describe the feeling I had but it was so amazing, pleasant and peaceful. I was just staring at the nature and tried to grasp as much as I could from that experience.
I knew I had very busy day that day and I had to rush home. So I continued my walk, but now with full awareness. I could seem like some weirdo to people in the park because my walk was very slow, I was pushing the leaves and thorns with my feet, constantly looking around and enjoying myself with a big and happy smile on my face 😀
The awareness and feeling started to melt away when I started to arrive home. I got little emotional when I finally arrived home and tried to remember that indescribable feeling I had. But knew I´m in the right path and my hard work will pay off and those kind off moments will happen more and more in the future.

So the formula is 100% correct. Less ego equals more happiness 🙂

PS The picture of this post is not mine 😉 I didn’t want to interrupt my experience.

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2 thoughts on “How to be happy and enjoy life

  • Roman

    Strokovnjaki poudarjajo, da je za občutenje sreče pomembna pogostost in ne toliko intenzivnost pozitivnih dogodkov v posameznikovem življenju. Naučiti se je treba, kako uživati v majhnih zmagah, in spoznati njihov pomen v našem življenju, obenem pa se tudi potruditi, da bi zmanjšali negativnost, vse to bo doseglo večji namen kot zgolj čakanje na izbruh intenzivnega zadovoljstva. Če namenjamo prevelik pomen “velikim trenutkom”, tvegamo razočaranje, kajti tako izgubljamo najpomembnejše sredstvo za doseganje sreče.

    • Armin Post author

      Google translation 🙂
      Experts emphasize that the feeling of happiness significant frequency rather than intensity of positive events in one’s life. Learn as to how to enjoy the small victories, and realize their importance in our lives, while the effort to reduce the negativity, all this will have resulted in a greater purpose than just waiting for the outbreak of intense satisfaction. If too much importance is given to “big moment”, risking disappointment, because both are losing the most important means to achieve happiness.