Embrace your fears

Written 11.Aug.2016

We all have our fears and it is good to have them. Fear can strive us, fear can motivate us, fear is that keeps us alive.
But at the same time, Fear can freeze us, fear can destroy us, fear can make our life a living hell.

If we do not fear anything, we will become living zombies. We will be just humanoids without any emotions. So don’t fight your fear, welcome it with open arms and make it your friend.

Try to be aware of your feelings when you fear something. Your heart starts to bump your breathing goes faster and your muscles might tension up. All those feelings will make you feel 100% alive, Don’t be afraid of them, don’t hold them back. Instead try to embrace those feelings, come one with those feelings and they will give you the power to achieve anything in life.

There is a reason why people say. “Fear can give the weak person an unimaginable strength”


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