Challenge yourself every day

Written 13.Sep,2016

“Without challenge there is no change, without change there is no improvement.”

If you want to change (improve) your life, you have to change yourself. If you want to change yourself you have to challenge yourself. There will not be any change if you are not willing to challenge yourself.

You want to be a good sprinter and win a competition in 100m. You cannot get better if you just jog on the stadium or watch others run (which most people are actually doing, they only dream and not do)
You have to push yourself, you have to push yourself to the limit where you cannot go any further and you almost fall from the exhaustion. Every time you train, you have to leave everything out there. Only this way you will improve your speed.

If you continue to do what you have been doing till today, then you will be the same like you are today. If you stay the same and do not change, don’t expect some miracle to happen which changes your life to the life you have dreamed of.
If you can dream, then you can do. Accept the challenges and leave your comfort zone. Only this way you will get the life you want and desire.

Dreaming is good but acting is a must.

You can try some of the challenges which I have done or am doing at the moment

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